Zain celebrates Kuwait National Day

Zain Kuwait has teamed up with singers and musicians from across the country to produce a special music video celebrating Kuwait’s National Day. The work of Joy Productions, the ‘Ya Bilady’ spot is directed by Khaled al Rifai and features singer Nabil Shuail alongside a backing cast of hundreds. The work has been produced to celebrate […]

OMD walks off with ADCB media planning account

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has appointed OMD UAE as its new marketing performance company following a review held in December. The Omnicom Media Group-owned agency will take over the account from Zenith to supply the bank’s full scope of media services. Zenith won the account from Magna in 2013. “We tasked OMD with a challenging brief and were very impressed by the rigour, depth and breadth of their response, […]

D&AD’s Tim Lindsay and Andy Sandoz: ‘In defence of industry awards’

D&AD’s leaders counter Amir Kassaei’s suggestion that DDB will produce less awards submissions in order to stop what he has called ‘madness Dear Amir, You certainly raise some good points. In fact we at D&AD agree with a lot of what you said. But we’d like to provide some context and some thoughts on the very […]

Advertising’s unsung heroes: the voiceover artist

Voiceover artists are being pigeonholed, writers are penning nonsense, and radio ads remain as awful as ever. Karim Sherif looks at the fate of voiceover talent If the copulation of art and copy gave birth to ideas, adding sound gives you a ménage à trois. An emotional piece of music or a tear-jerking script recited with conviction […]

‘Awards need to be more meaningful,’ says Spark MD Yusuf Pingar

I love creative people. I learn from them, I am inspired by them and I admire their abil- ity to see what others don’t. I believe that everyone has within them a spark of creativity and I am impressed by those who reach the pinnacle of our industry by nurturing their latent talent. However, as […]

Agency acquisitions and mergers: the new deal makers

A new report finds a greater array of both buyers and sellers in the marcoms space. By Gideon Spanier Advertising thrives on acquisitions and new blood, so the state of agency mergers and acquisitions can reveal a lot about the wider industry. A new report by the investment banks JEGI and Clarity, which are based […]