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Pinterest reveals travel trends in latest summer report

Pinterest has released a summer travel report highlighting emerging travel trends within the app, offering valuable insights for marketers aiming to capitalise on holiday-themed opportunities.

Despite not always receiving the same level of attention as other social platforms, the social media platform continues to be a key hub for travel-related exploration and planning.

According to Pinterest, with more than one billion searches related to travel and over 10 billion travel-related saves recorded within a year, Pinterest is brimming with inspiration to help with upcoming adventures.

Eight out of ten weekly Pinterest users rely on the platform for planning their summer getaways. Over the past year, searches for ‘travel vision board’ and ‘packing guide’ have surged by 210 per cent and 480 per cent respectively, reflecting travellers’ enthusiasm as they create their bucket lists and prepare for travel journeys.’

As the demands of everyday life become increasingly hectic, there’s a notable shift towards wellness travel.

Travellers are craving digital detoxification and seeking solace in peaceful landscapes and revitalising experiences and secluded destinations promising tranquility and opportunities for self-discovery.

Adventure travel caters to adrenaline enthusiasts, while mysterious locales spark thrill and nature-centric trips are gaining popularity.

Moreover, solo travel emerges as a significant trend for 2024, with individuals prioritising personal growth and introspection. Whilst Generation Z is embracing the chance to deepen friendships through intimate, budget-friendly road trips.

key travel trends include: 

Adventure travel

Post-pandemic lockdowns, there’s a noticeable surge in global interest in adventure activities, with searches up by 45 per cent year over year.

This trend reflects a deep excitement, a return to nature, and a break from the ordinary—a shared desire for experiences that ignite the senses and elevate the soul.

Adventure travel presents opportunities for personal development, both physically and mentally, while promoting sustainable tourism practices that align with modern priorities.

Top trending adventure travel activities include Luxury safari lodge, Scuba diving photography, Mountaineering, Trekking, Adventure camping, Caving, Water park rides, Hiking trail, Canoeing and Train journey.

Quiet life travel

The desire for a quieter, more tranquil lifestyle is on the rise, as evidenced by a 530 per cent increase in searches for “quiet life”.

This longing for simplicity has also extended to travel, with searches for “quiet places” and “calm places” increasing by 50 per cent and 42 per cent respectively since last year

On platforms like Pinterest, users are actively seeking out digital detox travel experiences. Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular as it allows individuals the freedom to design their own itinerary, pace, and priorities without compromise.

Top quiet travel trends include: Solo travel, Travel journal pages, Glamping aesthetic, Wellness retreat aesthetic, Cabin in the mountains, Village vibes, Countryside, Island life, Forest walk and National park.

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