Adidas goes local with Goodbye Old Jumeirah collaboration

The sports brand previously partnered with Dubai-based restauranter Ravi for an award-winning campaign

Adidas has gone local again with a cool collaboration with a Dubai-based community.

Following up on its award-winning campaign called Ravi X, it has now partnered with Goodbye Old Jumeirah.

Talking about the new collaboration, a spokesman for Adidas told Campaign Middle East: “We wanted to further extend the campaign’s local relevancy and credibility  by creating a bespoke content piece, in collaboration with Goodbye Old Jumeirah- an online community archiving traditional, abandoned, and demolished houses in the Jumeirah area.”

Weaving the Samba, Gazelle, and HB Spezial into the fabric of Dubai’s iconic Jumeirah neighbourhood, a new photography series pays homage to the area’s rich history and cultural significance within the city of Dubai.

Unlike the Ravi Campaign, Adidas is not launching a brand-new sneaker silhouette or colourway, but rather, is “allowing a cool customisation opportunity to elevate existing silhouettes we already have through localisation opportunities.”

Goodbye Old Jumeirah creates a strong sense of nostalgia, offering a community space for those who have grown up in the city and seen its evolution. Adidas said it wanted its sneaker silhouettes to spark that same sense of nostalgia by paying homage to a neighbourhood that is iconic within the City of Dubai.

Maryam Saqer Almarri  is the photographer behind Goodbye Old Jumeirah. She started to notice old houses and tress being demolished in the area and decided to act.

“So I decided then that I needed to start photographing the trees and the houses to be able to archive those details. I started with the graffiti “Goodbye old Jumeirah” on a demolishing house as it was my way of saying goodbye but at the same time creating awareness through what I would call ‘disappearing art’.”

“Jumeirah is the heart of Dubai, and old Jumeirah is it’s soul for sure, there was no planning to it on social media it just happened.”

The Goodbye Old Jumeirah activation will be running at the Adidias Originals Flagship Store in Dubail Mall and is open to the public until May 1st.