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Beko’s latest film taps into murder mystery with a twist


Home appliance brand Beko launched its latest campaign with a “surprising” twist.

A move away from regular appliance ads, the brand portrays its appliances’ durability in a fun indirect way.

Launching across markets in Europe and the Middle East, the campaign blends together creativity, humour and an underlying serious message. 

At the heart of the campaign is a branded film produced by VML Germany and UK in collaboration with OB42  director Jack Howard.

The film transports viewers into a classic murder mystery scenario, featuring performances by an ensemble cast including Brendan Patricks (Downton Abbey), Ross Hatt (The Gentlemen), and Marty Cruckshank (The Crown).

As tensions rise during a family dispute over a presumed family heirloom, the unexpected reveal at the will reading leaves audiences both surprised and amused.

In a final ingenious twist, the coveted family heirloom is unveiled to be none other than a Beko fridge, symbolising the enduring quality and longevity of Beko appliances.

The location, designed sets, cinematography, editing and immersive sound design. All elements of the production were designed to immerse viewers into the genre. 

“In our journey to elevate the everyday, we recognise the value of our customers’ time. Our campaign goes beyond traditional advertising; it’s a compelling narrative that resonates and brings joy, drawing viewers into a world where creativity flourishes and enduring quality is revered.

“We are looking to disrupt the category and generate conversation around our durability promise,” says Akin Garzanli, Chief Marketing Officer at Beko

The campaign does not stop with the film, but it is activated by The Beko Inheritance Addendum, a physical document allowing its holder to officially pass on their Beko appliance to their loved ones.

Influencer content around the Addendum and on-site events in retail spaces across each market further amplify the campaign’s reach and impact.