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Heriot Watt University Dubai’s Scholarship Winners – Faces to Watch 2023

Heriot Watt University Dubai’s Edinburgh Business School announces scholarship winners from Campaign’s Faces to Watch 2023

The Agency Faces to Watch awards by Campaign Middle East are highly coveted by the creative industry of the region, providing an excellent opportunity for young professionals to exhibit their creative abilities, enhance their professional image and advance their careers. These awards also assist employers in identifying the most talented rising stars.


As internet and social media usage rates in the Middle East continue to rise, a degree in digital marketing is becoming increasingly relevant. A report by Ipsos in 2021, a multinational market research and consulting firm, has also shown a surge in advertising spending in the region, presenting an opportunity for further expansion. Heriot-Watt University Dubai’s Edinburgh Business School (EBS) offers a master’s degree in digital marketing designed to prepare students as marketing professionals by focusing on market relevance and a concentration of concepts and techniques.

The programme is tailored to develop students’ professional readiness by incorporating collaborative projects with industry partners. It also allows students to choose two course options per semester, which align with their interests and career goals. These courses cover various digital marketing skills, including social media management, database design, website development, as well as management competencies such as strategy, entrepreneurship, consumer psychology, legal aspects, and project management.

By bridging the gap in the use and application of digital technologies in marketing, the programme reflects the university’s commitment to promoting leadership in the marketing field and preparing the next generation of leaders with the necessary digital and soft skills to succeed in marketing.


As a notable voice for the marketing and communications industry in the region, Campaign Middle East aligns with the goals of Heriot-Watt University Dubai’s programmes to support young professionals in advancing their careers in a dynamic and rapidly evolving field. 

Dr. Mercedes Sheen, Interim Head of School of Social Sciences at Heriot-Watt University Dubai expressed her enthusiasm for the renewed partnership. She said: “We are thrilled to partner with Campaign Middle East for the third time to hold this competition, which recognizes the ambition of talented professionals in the region”.

Dr. Sheen announced the five winners, comprising one winner in each of the four categories (Creative, Digital, Media and PR), who will each receive a 30 per cent scholarship and one winner who will receive a 100 per cent scholarship to pursue the MSc in Digital Marketing at Edinburgh Business School.  

Commenting on the quality of submissions, Dr. Sheen said: “Although the selection process was challenging due to numerous high-quality submissions, the winners for this year have been chosen after careful consideration. Our winners this year are as follows:” 

Scholarship Winners

Full 100 per cent scholarship winner

Carla Al Jurdi, Integrated Senior Media Planner, Initiative MENA

Carla displayed a strong passion for her profession and has a clear idea of how the master’s degree will help her achieve her career vision. She also identifies the skills she wishes to build upon to enhance her professional life and personal development. Carla’s expertise in building relationships combined with her knowledge in marketing strategy and data analysis will be honed with the master’s degree in digital marketing. With relevant experience and desire to learn and evolve, Carla demonstrates the commitment and perseverance with will be key assets to excel in the programme. 

30 per cent scholarships winners

Creative category

Ayush Tandon, Art Director, Sweetwater MEA

Ayush clearly outlines how the programme would help him develop both personally and professionally. Combined with his experience working on multiple successful campaigns and passion for learning about analytics, consumer behaviour and digital strategy, Ayush will benefit from this degree to further his career goals. It is evident from Ayush’s account and experience that he has a passion for the industry and that his strengths in innovation and creativity will help him succeed in the programme.

Digital category

Farah Hisham Al Batawi, Social Media Manager, RAPP DUBAI

Farah’s passion for marketing and her enthusiasm for the programme are clear from her account. Her commitment to ongoing learning and her desire to understand people to improve her personal and professional life is inspiring. She demonstrates an understanding of the programme and how it can act as a platform to build her skills and expertise in digital marketing. With Farah’s expertise in content creation and brand awareness, a master’s degree in digital marketing will upgrade her expertise and help her achieve her goals of making an original contribution to the field.

Media category

Moneer Al Ahmadieh, Senior Performance Executive, UM UAE

Moneer displayed a thorough knowledge of the digital marketing field and has a clear idea of how he wishes to progress in his career. He is a well-rounded professional with knowledge in creating and managing campaigns for multiple industries. Moneer has outlined what he wishes to gain from a master’s degree in digital marketing professionally and personally to become a leader in his field. Combined with his understanding of the field and his passion for learning, I am certain he will make a valuable contribution to the digital marketing industry and drive business growth.

PR category

Rayna Green, Account Manager, Impact Porter Novelli

Rayna outlines a very good account of what she hopes to gain from the programme, and it is evident that she is committed to broadening her skills and knowledge. She demonstrated passion for the programme’s focus on hands-on experience and digital marketing tools that can help her progress in her career as a PR professional. I am confident she will make the most of the opportunity and build on her existing expertise to make a positive contribution to the field of communications.