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Puma – Fishtail Rides

Puma and Fishtail Rides, a series of fixed gear bicycle rides around Dubai, have launched a video featuring a soundtrack by Megadon Betamax and Hamdan Al Abri.


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  • What’s the point? It looks like a hoidays movie, non a real life!!!Spot on local energy….

  • Now that JWT won the business globally, i guess more interesting work that can sell will be rolled out.

  • i guess it could serve the purpose by editing this video, i believe it can make a perfect 30s ad

  • Pretty poor i would say, small fish thinking – looks like a day out the office for the agency and Puma staff trying to hard to look cool….

    lets all grow beards and drink craft beers

  • Puma desperately needs some creative people in their team!! Otherwise the competition is just going to walk all over them.

  • I like puma products and i personally wear them. But, the advertisement was very poor it has nothing to do with the companies products. Also, the man that was smoking in the ad was ironic. A company that sells sporting products for people that mainly care about exercising and taking good care of their health. So, advertising with someone smoking cigarettes is the opposite of what people are looking for. In addition, to the sign of the no camera behind this point while they were taking videos. Its like provoking people on breaking the law. Totally out of context not what puma should be advertising. There is no story in the advert its very vague. Many people who normally upload videos on youtube seems to have a much more meaning and sense than this advert. Puma needs to have innovate people who can advertise their products in a new way that would attract its brand loyal customers and appeal to new consumers.

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