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Camouflage blurs the lines between digital and reality

Camouflage Productions’ new film for STC transports the audience from the Saudi Grand Prix Racing Track  into a challenging journey of mystique and adrenaline.

The video begins with a man in the dark looking around unsurely backed by eerie music. The atmosphere of the video flips when a shining light zooms by, indicating something exciting is happening.

The man then observes the bright shining light in curiosity before putting his hand through the light. On the other side of the light, the man’s hand is now dressed in racer’s gloves and outfit.

The light expands to let the man through completely as he his clothes transform in the complete racer outfit. He walks to the formula one car and takes the wheel to drive it through the tracks.

The film ends with different people walking towards the light to get closer to the racing.

This film merges both worlds of CGI and live-action to create. All key elements in this film were done in CGI, including the F1 Racing Car.

The film stems out of a genuine and meticulous collaboration on all fronts between different artists in different countries and continents.