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How a brand film urged people to ‘take charge’ of their energy future

Positive Zero, a UAE-based clean energy and sustainability business, launched its new brand identity through a new brand film.

The new brand film showcased Positive Zero as a combined platform for clean power generation, energy efficiency, and sustainable mobility.

The film, envisioned and executed by the Dubai based creative production agency, Films By Nomad, was inspired by Positive Zero’s mission to empower companies, communities, and cities to ‘take charge’ of their energy future.

Films by Nomad weaved the theme of ‘taking charge’ throughout both the narrative and visual elements of the dynamic brand film.

The team combined a script, together with stock footage, animated text, dynamic sound design and a distinctive colour to create a powerful film to launch the new Positive Zero branding.

“Turning the vision of Positive Zero into a coherent and engaging brand story in such a tight timeline was our primary challenge.

This required a creative partner who could not only accurately articulate our vision through precise visuals, music, and script but also deeply understand the specifics of our industry, our leadership’s goals, and our business model,” said Carine Bouery, Head of Marketing, Positive Zero.

“When Positive Zero came to us with this brief, the vibrancy of the brand and the tagline of ‘Take Charge’ leaped off the page. It immediately evoked clear ideas about strong and effective leadership that are true to so many areas of life.

“From a parent at home with their kids, to businesses and communities, we wanted to create a powerful reminder that the responsibility for the future of this planet lies with all of us, and not just governments,” adds, Tim Orr, Director, Films by Nomad.

Mohammed Abdulghaffar Hussain, Co-Founder & Chairman, Positive Zero
Carine Bouery, Head of Marketing, Positive Zero
Tim Swain, CEO, Nomad Group
Production House: Films by Nomad
Creative Directors: Tim Orr & Stew Game, Films by Nomad
Edit: Mays Hariri, Sarah Mohammed, Films by Nomad
Colour Grade: Mays Hariri, Films by Nomad
Animation: Hadel Abou Houly, Films by Nomad
Senior Production Manager: Rochelle White, Films by Nomad
Sound Design: Ben Maughan
Voice Over: Anthea Ayache