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Aramex delivers a call to peace with Ramadan campaign

Aramex  has launched a special video campaign for Ramadan centred around an undelivered parcel destined for Gaza.

The campaign highlights a message of peace and togetherness as part of Aramex’s commitment to promoting global harmony.

Focused on the word Salam or peace in Arabic, the campaign video depicts a parcel that is being sent by a Palestinian citizen living abroad to his family back home in Gaza.

This parcel is shown to be held back in a storage room midway through its journey, until either a ceasefire or peace agreement is in place, or the borders are opened up and parcels can be delivered to Gaza.

The film is directed at people from all over the world who wish for peace in the world, and ends with a call to action to send a message of peace via the website deliverpeace.global.

On the site, people can record a short video message and say the word ‘Salam’ – in solidarity with the campaign’s theme of promoting peace and harmony in Gaza and around the world.

The idea

Mike Rich, Group CMO at Aramex, shares the idea behind the video: “We were struck by a poignant question: What do you do when you cannot deliver a parcel to places like Gaza, especially in the holy month of Ramadan?

“The answer that resonated deeply was ‘Salam’ or ‘Peace’—a message that transcends borders and speaks to the heart, provides reassurance to all communities, and holds out hope for the future.

Sharing how the video ties into the brand’s values, he adds, “At the center of our complex and ever-growing operations at Aramex is our pursuit of Delivering Good and helping communities.

“Social responsibility has always been a vital part of our strategic focus, and we are proud to launch this campaign and demonstrate the power of one word—peace—that can truly make a difference to our collective future.

“This is a campaign that is very close to our hearts and driven by Aramex’s mission to deliver a better future to all communities, and I am confident that this will resonate in the hearts and minds of people across geographies.”



CMO: Mike Rich
Global Marketing Director: Daniel Nuss
Global Marketing Manager: Rizek Freij
Sr. Marketing Executive: Megan Coutinho
Sr. Paid Media Executive: Natali Abuzulof
CRM Executive: Naief Amr
Social Media: Jenny Coulson, Nicola Sprenger, Kendall Attree

Global Creative Director: Shahir Sirry
Copywriter: Omar Arafa, Claire Tanner-Robert, Thando Solundwana, Shahir Sirry
Art Director: ibrahem khwaldeh, Alexis Titus
Senior Graphic Designer: Murad Nofal
Graphic Designer: Ibrahem Sarayrah
UI/UX Designer: Stiaan le Roux
Jr. Creative Producer: Nour Eldin Sarhan
Editor/Designer: Mykyta Cherkasov
Cr. Traffic Manager: Mohammad Hamed

PH: LittleBig Productions
Director: Shahir Sirry
Executive Producer: Andrew Slough
COO: Neil Zaayman
Head of Production: Elmaree Bohm
Line Producers: Kris Marx & Lauren May

Cape Town Crew:
1st AD: Darryn Bennett
DOP: Kirk Morgan
Art Director: Maria Labuschagne

Amsterdam Crew:
DOP: David Doom
FPV Drone Operator: Nick Riley @Big Bird Cinematography 

Post Production:
Editor: Luke Veysie
Colorist: Nic Apostoli
Sound Studio: Pressure Cooker Studios
Sound Designer: Keith Kavyi
Sound Design Producer: Chloe Ellis

Website Development:
Project Manager / CEO: Omar Osman
Lead/ Software Engineer: Mohamed Abu- El Nour
Software Engineer: Mina Mounir
UI/ UX Designer: Rowan Mostafa
Operations Director: Zeyad Atef