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Puma: ‘See the game like we do’

PUMA has launched its first worldwide brand campaign in 10 years titled “Forever Faster – See The Game Like We Do”.

The brand’s focus on speed in their brand campaign is a testament to their longstanding identity. It’s  emphasises the desire for speed, which resonates with many people’s urge to push boundaries and excel. Speed isn’t just about physical movement; it can symbolise progress, ambition, and the pursuit of excellence in various aspects of life.

PUMA was able to tap into this primal drive and incorporate it into their brand narrative. It not only celebrates their heritage but also connects with consumers on a deeper, more emotional level.

Arne Freundt, CEO of PUMA, said: “Everyone dreams of having a superpower and speed is PUMA’s. Speed is the superpower how the greats change the game. Just like our world’s icons Mondo Duplantis, Karsten Warholm, Neymar Jr., or Breanna Stewart, we know that speed unlocks athletic performance and victory in everyone. Through our ability to bring speed to life, PUMA invites all people to break through their own limits, unlock their personal best and becoming a better version of themselves, allowing them to see the game like we do: FOREVER. FASTER.”

Richard Teyssier, Vice President Brand and Marketing, said: “Our new global brand campaign is PUMA’s biggest marketing investment ever. It is the first time that PUMA has one single message – FOREVER. FASTER. – throughout the entire year and across all performance categories such as Football, Running, Basketball and Handball. The holistic brand message is emotional and distinctive to make sure it connects and resonates with our target consumers.” 

“FOREVER. FASTER. – See The Game Like We Do” launched on April 10 and will be communicated across the entire media mix, such as Social Media, TV, PR, Out Of Home Media and Points of Sale worldwide.

Launched on April 10, “FOREVER. FASTER. – See The Game Like We Do” is communicated across various channels. From social media and television to public relations, out-of-home media, and points of sale, this campaign aims to make its mark worldwide.

At its core, it features a hero brand film alongside a spectrum of supporting creative assets, all of which showcase top athletes in action, such as Antoine Griezmann, Breanna Stewart, Christian Pulisic, Felix Streng, Jack Grealish, Javier Balcazar “Chicharito”, Karsten Warholm, Kai Havertz, Lamelo Ball, Luis Suarez, Memphis Depay, Mondo Duplantis, Neymar Jr., Sergio Aguero, Shericka Jackson, Yaroslava Mahuchikh and many others.

Later this year, PUMA will present dedicated brand videos and creative assets for The CONMEBOL Copa America, UEFA Euro 2024, and The 2024 Summer Olympics.