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Meet “the happiest man on the planet” in an ad film

Cobone has unveiled its latest campaign, designed to inspire joy and anticipation.

Cobone is a platform designed to offer consumers “incredible” deals and savings across retailers, restaurants etc. across the Middle East.

Titled “Happiest Man on the Planet,” the campaign’s centerpiece is a film portraying the story of resilience and positivity.

Despite facing obstacles, the protagonist maintains an infectious smile throughout, symbolising the unwavering spirit of joy.

The film integrates Cobone’s array of services, highlighting the thrill of discovering amazing offers and spreading happiness.

Through this campaign, Cobone aims to resonate with audiences and evoke excitement.

The idea 

Commenting on the campaign, Leslie Paul, Executive Creative Director at Amber Communications, stated: “Our campaign celebrates the spirit of resilience and positivity, inspiring audiences to embrace life’s challenges with a smile.”

Shedding light on the campaign’s vision, Shynil Hashim, Brand Director at Amber Communications, said, “Cobone is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience with amazing deals, and our campaign intends to communicate that with creative storytelling capturing the joy and anticipation of discovering unbeatable deals.”

The Cobone campaign promises to spread happiness and anticipation across the Middle East during this special time of the year.


Agency: Amber Communications
Client: Cobone