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New Spacetoon series promotes cake bars through cartoons

Spacetoon and Almarai have collaborated to launch “Cake Bar and Heroes”, a 3-D animated series that showcasing Almarai’s 7DAYS Cake Bar product.

The animated series is jointly produced by Spacetoon, Almarai and Spark Foundry, the media agency for Almarai for the past 20 years. The short series has garnered more than 6 million viewers on YouTube.

The short animated clips incorporate the cake bars into the storyline with each video having a different idea.

The Idea

According to Spacetoon, the production of Cake Bar and Heroes spent several hours dedicated to crafting narratives that “resonate” with the Arabic cultural heritage, accompanied by the dubbing process at the Spacetoon studios.

It also added, “In order to ensure a visually captivating experience, precise technical methodologies were employed to refine the visual aesthetics in response to the aesthetic preferences of Arab children.”

The Videos

The series unfolds across ten episodes, chronicling the daily adventures of siblings Badr, Bodoor, and Badran as they navigate challenges with the aid of Cake Bar energy.

This energy source not only fuels their endeavors but also serves as the key to unlocking a realm of joy and excitement.

Each consumption of the Cake Bar propels them towards success, echoing their empowering motto, “More Energy, More Victory.”

Broadcasted across a multitude of platforms including Spacetoon TV, its YouTube channel, Spacetoon Go app, and Almarai’s YouTube channel, “Cake Bar and the Heroes” caters to children aged 4 to 12, comprising bite-sized episodes of approximately two and a half minutes each.

The playlist on YouTube features a total of 15 videos.