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Hypermedia takes pole position in DOOH market

Subsidiary of W Group dominates Dubai Metro and beyond.

Habib Wehbi

As the entire world gathered for Expo 2020 Dubai, brands raced to book all the prime advertising spots, namely those on Dubai Metro Route 2020.

Hypermedia, a subsidiary of W Group and the leading digital out-of-home company in the region, dominates the entire Route 2020 along with its seven metro stations leading to the Expo.

In addition to Route 2020, Hypermedia has more than 70 per cent of the key media assets spread around 53 metro stations, 125 trains, 36 nationwide malls, 280 hypermarkets and Sheikh Zayed Road, the main vein of Dubai’s commuting system.

Our strategically located digital and static OOH assets create tens of millions of impressions daily by reaching millions of unique individuals, who simply pass by our assets as part of their daily commute on Sheikh Zayed Road and neighbouring residential and commercial communities, as well as shopping in malls or hypermarkets.

Hypermedia’s approach to its partners’ needs and how to optimise their reach has always been an unorthodox one. With the assistance and support of its sister companies in W Group, DigitAll and RedPeg Middle East, Hypermedia creates an engaging journey for its partners’ target audience in order for them to live an entire experience that will eventually maximise their brands’ return on investment (ROI) and achieve cost efficiency.

DigitAll played a massive and crucial role in digitising and bringing Hypermedia’s media assets to an optimal high-tech status, an essential prerequisite step that would usher in a new dawn for the pioneer company.

The next big step for Hypermedia is venturing into programmatic DOOH.

The world is moving towards data-generated results with behavioural algorithms and smart targeting systems prevailing for a better audience designation and selection process.

The new technology provides 100 per cent viewable inventory with 100 per cent accurate location data, programmatic billboards, spectaculars and above-ground transit displays, presenting a compelling new channel for programmatic campaigns and offering data-driven targeting combined with mass reach and scale.

While traditional OOH advertising was location-specific, programmatic DOOH is audience-specific. The more criteria you set for your campaign, the more accurately you can reach your target audience – be it couples, families or groups of people on a night out – in real-time.

Hypermedia believes that the real impact and value of OOH media can be portrayed perfectly by combining big data and the latest tracking technologies. Therefore, we are increasing our efforts and investments to provide all advertisers with real-life audience measurement and precise prediction of campaign success.

The advanced targeting and measurement solutions will allow the clients to reach the target-specific audience, keep track of their campaigns and generate accurate reports easily. Hypermedia plans to integrate its measurement solutions along with programmatic media buying implementations, which collaboratively aim to present an end-to-end journey for all advertisers around the world.

Once Hypermedia makes the full move to programmatic DOOH, its partners will be able to remotely tailor-make their campaigns’ needs and requirements, and all of the company’s key media assets will be controllable from a single central control room.

This will create a better, more high-end and more targeted and result-driven campaign management.

As part of its growth scheme and in addition to its Dubai headquarters, Hypermedia has a presence in KSA, Abu Dhabi and Lebanon. The company has hired several creative and digital professionals to support its operations in the region and the growth of the group’s portfolio.

This rapid yet calculated growth and expansion would have never been possible if it wasn’t for great business planning and a company vision that has always been aligned with that of the wise leadership of this great nation.

The UAE was one of the first countries to safely contain and manage the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, and one of the first nations to declare itself outside the red zone.

This created a huge boost of confidence from both investors and established business owners in the country, which in turn was translated into growth and several huge achievements.

“We at Hypermedia pride ourselves on partnering with more than 800 strategic partners and clients, from industry moguls to governmental entities, forming the backbone of the Emirati economy,” said Habib Wehbi, chairman and CEO of W Group holding (pictured).

“This would place both great responsibility on the company and an even greater amount of trust and pride in the quality of its deliverables,” Wehbi added.