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Nissan turns its latest car launch into a mystery TV series

It uses ‘The Unusual Suspects’ theme for a week-by-week serial for new Altima

Nissan has created a mini mystery TV series to launch its latest model.

Diving into the gripping world of ‘The Unusual Suspects’ the latest campaign by Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC) unveils the features of the new Nissan Altima.

AAC Nissan has crafted an unconventional plot surrounding a stolen Altima. It introduces audiences to a captivating narrative set against the backdrop of Dubai’s bustling streets.

“Each episode unfolds with a blend of suspense and entertainment, as viewers follow the investigation into the missing car.

“From eccentric suspects to unexpected twists, every week brings a new layer to the mystery, offering viewers an insider’s look into the Altima’s exceptional features.”

Through a five-week serialized approach, AAC aims to forge deeper emotional connections with its audience.

Week by week, viewers are drawn deeper into the storyline, immersing themselves in the world of the Altima and eagerly awaiting each new episode.

“Join us on this investigation journey as we uncover the true culprit behind the stolen Altima and discover the driving intentions behind this iconic model,” the car brand teases.

Agency Credits:

Joe Lahham – Managing Director – Nissan United

Walid Kanaan – Chief Creative Officer

Georges Kyrillos – Regional Creative Director

Jad Chidiac – Senior Art Director

Hiba Shmaysani – Copywriter

Richard Rao – Account Director

Vidhi Gupta – Senior Account Manager

Mohammed Aayaz – Account Executive

Mazin Isameldin – Social Media Manager

Stephanie Eter – Social Media Executive

Elissya Abboud – Social Media Executive

Fuad Tharakandiyl – Content Creator

Jana Jamaleddine – Content Creator

Romy Abdelnour – Head of Communications

Lea Moufarej – Communications Executive

Production House: BKP

Tarek Korkomaz – Director/DOP

Martin Velkov – Executive Producer

Hany – Creative Editor Motion Designer

Jan Paolo Quinquito – Creative Editor Motion Designer

Sebastian Vronski – Sound designer, SFX, mixing