Tiffany & Co. and Pharrell Williams team up to unveil new collection

Tiffany & Co. has collaborated with Pharrell Williams to unveil the Tiffany Titan collection.

Leveraging social media platforms, Tiffany & Co. will position a multi-faceted approach to attract the attention of a diverse audience.

Through carefully curated visual storytelling, the brand will showcase the craftsmanship and unique design elements that define the Tiffany Titan collection.

Central to the marketing strategy is the celebration of individuality and self-expression, values deeply embedded in both Tiffany’s heritage and Pharrell’s artistic vision.

The campaign features series of captivating videos and imagery highlighting the collection’s bold aesthetic and the  integration of  brands iconic motifs with Pharrell’s distinctive style.



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The collaboration presents an opportunity for Tiffany & Co. to engage with a younger demographic, tapping into Pharrell’s widespread appeal across various cultural spheres.

Social media activations, including interactive features and behind-the-scenes glimpses, aims to develop a sense of community and excitement among followers, inviting them to be part of this collaboration.

Beyond social media, the Tiffany Titan collection will be showcased through immersive brand experiences, exclusive events, and strategic partnerships, ensuring maximum visibility and impact across global markets.

Set to launch this month exclusively at The Landmark in New York City and on Tiffany.com in the US, the collection promises to make waves globally, with availability extending to Tiffany & Co. stores worldwide in June.