Fred born as Rufus Leonard quits region

Two former employees of Rufus Leonard have launched their own design and communications company following the closure of Rufus Leonard’s Middle East operation.

The London-headquartered brand and digital agency has moved its Middle East business back to the UK, having been in the region since 2008. The agency would not go into details regarding the closure, although Will Rowe, Rufus Leonard’s managing director, stated that: “We have decided to consolidate our Middle Eastern operations back into the UK as part of our plans to deliver further efficiencies across our business.”

Rufus Leonard’s regional office had been based in Dubai Media City, with the operation delivering brand, advertising and marketing communications services for key clients in markets such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Its clients in the region had included Lloyds TSB and Aldar.

Following the closure, Liza Medd, the agency’s regional manager for the Middle East, and Nick Street, head of creative, have co-founded Fred, an agency specialising in corporate marketing and branding. The pair, who both cut their teeth with leading agencies in the UK, said the essence of the new outfit was simple – “Big on talent, not on overheads. Experienced enough to work with the big boys. Small enough to be flexible”. Medd added: “We recognised the need for an agency that fulfils briefs, as well as CMO’s balance sheets. Especially in the current economic climate, where every last dirham is scrutinised and exhausted to achieve maximum potential. Not that we are positioning Fred as a bargain basement proposition, nor are we just
another retained agency. We consider ourselves rather as an invaluable extension of our clients’ team.”

It is understood that Fred will have a virtual office, as Medd explains. “For client meetings, we come to you. After all why should our flashy office be paid for out of your quarterly budget? You pay for our ideas and brand experience, nothing else”.


  • A virtual office oh dear give them till summer – ‘After all why should our flashy office be paid for out of your quarterly budget’ – otherwise known as we are skint and cant afford an office

  • Well done Fred. Seen some of your work and it looks refreshing different. Keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations Liza & Nick. Hope all goes well. Ignore Bert he is probably a “quality experienced creative” based out here for years churning out the same old ideas as hasnt had an original thought for 15 years

  • Yes. please do ignore Bert, he has no idea and does the same old thing over and over again – apart from winning awards in Europe and only being 28

    BOOM as those young folk say

    Neville, Budge over and get me those slippers i’ve joined your club

  • Still laughing at bert using BOOM off of entourage as ‘what young folk say’….

    surely winning awards in europe would mean you come up with original material?

    maybe you should apply it to your online ‘banter’


  • @ Bert – Its not skint, its called a start-up.. Who needs flashy offices when your as good as these guys..

    Stop hating and move on before i track you and do bad things to you.


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