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L’Oréal Paris embraces setbacks with celebrity LinkedIn resumes

L’Oréal Paris has unveiled its ‘Worth It Resume’ initiative, aiming to empower women by redefining the narrative around failure.

In the campaign, women are invited to courageously share their stories of setbacks and challenges, illustrating how these experiences can serve as stepping stones to success.

By embracing vulnerability and celebrating resilience, L’Oréal Paris seeks to inspire individuals worldwide to embrace their journey, recognising that every stumble can pave the way for exceptional achievements.

In collaboration with McCann, this initiative involves brand ambassadors posting resumes on LinkedIn that showcase not only their achievements but also their challenges and setbacks.

The brand has extended an invitation to women worldwide to join in by sharing their own #WorthItResume on various social media platforms.

Creating LinkedIn resumes with input from prominent figures like Eva Longoria, Andie MacDowell, Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, Aja Naomi King, and Kate Winslet is a strategic move.

These resumes go beyond showcasing achievements; they also emphasise the challenges faced, which are framed as ‘steppingstones to success.’

This approach adds depth and authenticity to the resumes, giving a more holistic view of the individual’s journey and accomplishments.

It also aligns with the idea that overcoming obstacles is often integral to personal and professional growth.

Led by actor and director Eva Longoria, brand ambassadors take centre stage in an Instagram video, encouraging viewers to join their campaign.

Spanning platforms such as LinkedIn, which is expanding beyond its job-focused roots into a thriving social network and advertising hub, the campaign aims to capture attention across various social media platforms.