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Tyre brand recycles tyres to make a volleyball court

Continental Tires collaborated with Dubai Municipality to build MENA’s first volleyball court made out of recycled tyres.

The volleyball volleyball court’s sand is made out of repurposed rubber. The court’s design incorporates 100 per cent recycled materials, including rubber tiles topped with artificial grass.

The court aims to showcase the potential of a circular economy, where used materials are transformed into valuable resources, minimising environmental impact.

It also aims to encourage residents to embrace an active lifestyle through volleyball, fostering a healthier and more vibrant community.

To amplify the campaign, the brand created social media buzz with the help of engaging content and influencers.

Content videos showcased the court’s construction journey, highlighting the transformation of used tires into playable surfaces.

Strategic social media posts were made across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and (X, formerly Twitter) to generate excitement and encourage community participation.

The brand also collaborated with prominent sports personalities, sustainability advocates, and industry experts to broaden the campaign’s reach and credibility.

The campaign achieved 198,076 impressions, 93,970 video plays, and 3,300+ social media likes.

This project serves as an inspiration for future sustainable initiatives, proving that collaboration between public entities and private businesses achieve goals that serve the wider community.

Through the campaign, Continental Tires hopes to be positioned as frontrunners in environmental responsibility, inspiring others to adopt sustainable practices.