AnyMind Group announces new features on AnyTag platform

AnyMind Group adds features to the platform AnyTag.

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform for influencers, marketers, publishers and businesses, has today announced the launch of several natural language processing (NLP) features on its influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, to help marketers in MENA drive more effective and efficient influencer marketing.

Since launching the AnyTag platform for marketers and AnyCreator mobile app for influencers for the MENA region in January 2021, the company saw significant growth in the GCC and Levant markets, with a growing database of more than 5000 influencers ranging from nano-influencers to celebrities across 11 countries in MENA. Marketers, including agency partners and brands such as Pizza Hut and talabat, are tapping on AnyTag to discover influencers, and activate, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing campaigns.

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“We have run multiple influencer marketing campaigns on AnyTag to get our brand out there in the region. Through their technology, creative approaches and utilization of a great pool of influencers that targets the right demographics, they have been able to serve the campaign objectives every time.” – Shoaib Essa, Senior Social Media and Content Specialist, talabat, UAE.

The new features on AnyTag include automated recommendations of similar influencers through lookalike modelling of an influencer’s content, the detection of brands an influencer has worked with in the past, and the identification and visualization of hashtags an influencer frequently uses.

Automated influencer recommendations

Marketers can leverage on AnyTag’s automatic mapping of influencer data points to map out and receive recommendations of similar influencers based on an influencer’s historical post content, with support for languages such as Arabic and matching of content created in the same language or other languages such as English.

Detection of past brand collaborations

AnyTag users can also easily identify brands an influencer has worked with in the past, enabling marketers to better decide if an influencer fits in with specific requirements such as collaborating with influencers who have not worked with competitors in the past. Marketers can also identify the types of brands an influencer has an affinity for.

Maximizing hashtag intelligence

AnyTag also provides marketers with automated identification and visualization of hashtags an influencer frequently uses, allowing marketers to identify specific causes, trends, interests and movements that an influencer aligns with, and also provides marketers with greater insight into an influencer’s beliefs.

The above features add to an already robust platform for influencer marketing, which equips and enables marketers and public relations practitioners with datasets such as location demographics of an influencer’s followers, follower sentiment of an influencer and influencer interests, along with campaign attribution to post clicks and business results or purchases, and more. AnyTag also has a social media analytics module that enables users to track key statistics on a brand’s owned social media channels, together with competitor analysis, hashtag analysis, and interactions analysis to identify movement on mentioned and tagged posts of a brand by social media users.

Maha Mahdy, head of AnyTag for AnyMind Group in MENA, said: “In a market heavily committed to influencer marketing, we have been able to quickly make an impact for our clients, utilizing not only our technology but also our strategy and creative capabilities along with influencer relationships, which have allowed us to grow within the GCC as well as expand into markets like Iraq and Jordan. We look forward to continued growth in the last quarter of the year, going into 2022 with a strong standing in the market and building on our strategic collaborations with key agencies and brands.”