Industry snapshot: Sagar Rege, Liwa Content. Driven

Film making and content creation is more relevant than ever before, writes Sagar Rege Director & Executive Producer, Liwa Content. Driven.

How is the production business changing as it recovers from the pandemic?

Film making and content creation is more relevant than ever before. Brands have realised that their stories need to be told and an intrinsic connect with the audience is important.

ROI accountability was always important, but since the start of the pandemic, it’s been on steroids. Whether it is brand equity metrics or achieving the lead-generation targets, we’ve been at the heart of the conversations.

The clients want more of their investments deployed in the production itself (and they should) rather than being channelled to commissions.

Strategy-first video specialists like us are an extended marketing team – solving business challenges, which may or may not lead to video-storytelling as a solution.

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Production is a competitive environment, what sets you apart?

We are a hybrid agency. We have made a conscious effort not to be perceived as a production house alone. Thinking and ideation coupled with in-house capabilities of execution is our forte. Very few agencies can do what we do at scale.  Once we internalise the client’s brief, we run budgeting in parallel to ideation to ensure efficiency of time and output. Digital is all about here and now, and that is exactly how our process is designed. And this, coupled with technology solutions plugged in for audience engagement, gives us a specialised edge.

How is technology changing the business?

As the consumers prefer tech interface for everything they do with brands, it has given way to several avenues for different types of content. With digital media being so fragmented – from social, YouTube, TikTok, e-commerce, display networks, retail displays to brands’ owned media – each channel has its place and needs a varied approach. We go deep into understanding the mindsets at each touchpoint and different
stages of the buying funnel, before suggesting any content.

To make videos more relevant, we ventured into interactive videos where a viewer can create his own version of the story by choosing ‘what happens next’ or ‘what interests you’. And we can even make the videos shoppable.

Virtual reality with intelligence is another addition to our ever-growing portfolio of interactive digital solutions, where not only is there a VR tour of a property, car or destination, but the tech also gives you intel on what users are interested in, so the sales pitch can be tailored.

Being able to creatively implement technology and push boundaries to innovate solutions that solve a problem beyond just video is where the future of engagement lies.

What advice would you give to clients looking to get the most out of working with a production house?

Set clear benchmarks of what you are looking for and then choose wisely.