Campaign Online Briefing: Creativity you can hear – audio storytelling, targeting and the future

  • When:06/10/2021 2:00 pm
  • Where:Online

Campaign Online Briefing: Creativity you can hear: audio storytelling, targeting and the future

Date: Wednesday | October 6, 2021
Time: 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Take a moment right now to close your eyes and listen to the world around you. What can you hear? The hum of air con? Traffic? Your kids breaking something? Conversation? The voices in your head?

In every moment, whether you notice it or not, sound is all around us. It affects our moods and our actions, and can influence us as consumers too.

Technologies such as voice assistants and streaming platforms are changing the way we interact with audio. The Covid-19 pandemic has helped drive interest in audio-only content such as podcasts and audiobooks as a way to escape our screens. And trends such as ASMR are changing the way we hear video ads as well. So how can marketers leverage the power of audio as a medium, and what does the future hold for audio advertising?

Make sure you are wearing your best headphones for Campaign’s next Online Briefing – Creativity You Can Hear: Audio Storytelling, Targeting and the Future.

A harmonious troupe of experts will discuss how the audio landscape is growing and evolving. The panellists will discuss recent changes and the drivers behind them, from technology to consumer habits to increased content offerings.

They will examine podcasts, streaming, digital audio, targeting, measurement, the relationships between our ears and eyes, and how well-produced content can become music in our hearts.

If your marketing uses sound, join us to find out about the latest best practice and new thinking. If you’re not yet using sound to sell, log in to find out how to start making it work for you.

Panel 1: Lend me your ears

The webinar’s first session examines the creative potential of audio as a storytelling medium.

A panel of audio marketing experts looks at what new developments mean for brands. They debate how audio can be measured and better targeted at specific audiences, and they will explain where the industry is going, tracking rising trends and giving advice on how to ride the wave of sound.

The panel will look at the growing audio landscape, and its uniqueness for marketers; the creative potential of audio as a storytelling medium; the targeting and measurement capabilities of digital audio; and the future of audio and its growing role in the media industry.

Moderator: Joubran Abdul Khalek | VP Commercial, Anghami
Ray Samman | Integration Director, Publicis Groupe – One Team Stellantis
Schatzi Gheita | Quaker MENA – Senior Marketing Manager, PepsiCo International
Claire Fletcher Calvert | Head of Engagement, OMD

Panel 2: Cast away

The last couple of years have seen a surge in podcasting, driven by factors as varied as the growth of streaming platforms, affordable data, celebrity endorsements and new funding models. In the region, local content is growing in both quantity and quality, and MENA is finding a voice – in Arabic as well as English. Our second panel brings together top podcast experts to explain how the market is developing, and how marketers can make the most of it.

What content is popular? Who is producing the most engaging work? What length and content work best? How can you measure success? And more.

If you or your brand has a podcast, join us to see what others are doing. And if you’re not casting yet, join us to find out how you can leverage this powerfully personal medium, from adverts and sponsorships to guest appearances and hosting your own show.

Moderator: Austyn Allison | Editor, Campaign Middle East.
Cheryl King | Managing Director, Markettiers
Leila Hamadeh Co-Founder & CEO, Finyal Media

The virtual event is free to attend and can be viewed from any screen.

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