TikTok tackling miscommunication around climate change with “verified champions”

The platform has unveiled six rain and climate champions in the UAE as part of the billion-dollar initiative

TikTok says it has been working tirelessly to tackle the miscommunication around climate change.

This is the reason it has “pledged a billion dollars to help identify, train and disseminate the right news to people from verified experts”.

Under the flagship name of VerifiedChampions, TikTok says it has been actively working on handling the miscommunication about cloud seeding and the rain and considering how many people digest news from social media sources.

It is a topical issue in the UAE which has experienced record rainfalls and confusion over cloud seeding.

“Not everything you read online about climate is true. Climate denialists have planted a good deal of disinformation to confuse and delay climate action. And many unsuspecting people share disinformation unknowingly,” TikTok said in a statement.

It referenced a Reuters news story which said experts have cited that recent heavy rains in the UAE were caused by climate change, not cloud seeding.

“The lack of scientific evidence around the rumours of cloud seeding as the cause confirms this theory is just another example of rampant misinformation inciting confusion in today’s rapid digital information age.”

The United Nations, in collaboration with Purpose, has been running Verified for Climate – a global communications programme to address complex crises like climate change by countering the spread of mis and disinformation.

The initiative, supported by TikTok, Rockefeller Foundation, and Fortescue, aims to reach key audiences with accurate climate information to counter harmful narratives that block a swift transition to renewable energy.

“Through this initiative, we’re proud to partner with a team of experts to further inform and inspire our global community, bound by our shared goal of raising awareness around important climate topics and finding sustainable solutions,” said Helena Lersch, Vice President of Public Policy for Emerging Markets and Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at TikTok.


As of April 2024, the campaign has garnered over 280 million impressions and over 800 thousand engagements through 160+ original TikTok videos full of climate stories, facts, and practical guidance.

TikTok’s climate champions for the UAE are:

Dr. Rahaf Ajaj

University professor and climate change researcher


Marian Fletcher

Ocean conservation and sustainable lifestyle advocate


Ayshka Najib

Climate Activist, MENA lead at Youth Climate Justice Fund



Habiba Abdulrahman

Eco-fashion educator


Manali Soprakar

Sustainability educator/influencer


Pallavi Santhapuram

Content creator on sustainability, eco-preneur, podcaster