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The comments section: a new platform for driving engagement

TikTok is home to more than just funny animal videos and the latest Gen Z dance trend. When used correctly, it is a powerful social media platform for brands to engage with community members.

Hidden beneath the For You Page’s surface is another platform where brands can generate genuine engagement: the comments section.

Brands have taken to the comments, leaving sharp, witty takes on highly viewed videos.

Le Pear Societe (LPS) witnessed this recently when Microsoft left a comment on a video they posted on how employees treat their office laptops.

Showing up as a top comment, Microsoft now has the best visibility on a video that has over a million views and ironically features an Apple Mac Book.


Nobody tell the IT guy 🤫😅 #workplacetiktok #officehumor #agencytiktok

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Aware of this new form of engagement generation, Aasim Shaik, Managing Director at LPS, said, “Comments are the new briefs.”

The agency has strategised to have their creative and community management teams work together to push content that will create conversations in the comment section.

The creative team at LPS

“The Microsoft comment, and our response to it are examples of this open workflow,” he said, confirming that engagement in the comments section boosts ‘virality’ and campaign strength.

Strategising a community response team is crucial for brands to see a significant return on marketing investments.

Aasim pointed out that comments and chat streams are the last bastions when it comes to ad monetisation by platforms.

“New age platforms like TikTok and Twitch have buzzing conversations and community formation effects on chat streams and comments section,” he said.

LPS considers itself an expert in this realm. “We look at ourselves as community members and brand builders on social platforms,” said Aasim.

“Building meaningful conversations for the brands we represent and then going further by creating winning content as a response to comments is something our agency model is engineered to excel at.”

Other examples of comments driving community engagement are Emily Zugay’s graphic designer dog and Ryanair’s pseudo-record attempt to have brands comment on their video for no other reason than to comment.