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MiQ and Pixability team up to boost YouTube Advertising in the region

YouTube continues to lead the digital video space. With 2.6 billion global users who watch 5 billion videos a day and upload 500 hours of new content every minute, it’s a critical channel for marketers all over the globe and especially in MENAT.

According to Kepios’ 2023 YouTube Platform report Q1 2023, the top 5 regions where YouTube ads reach the greatest share of the population were in MENAT. And as of January 2024, the United Arab Emirates was the country with the highest YouTube penetration at approximately 98.7 per cent.

So with YouTube’s expansion across devices and viewing environments, brands have a new opportunity to reach target consumers in their most engaged moments on their favourite platform. 

Why is this important? 

Heightened consumer attention raises the stakes for brand suitability. Marketers want to ensure their ads are serving next to appropriate and relevant content, while optimising for scale and performance. Simplistic measures like inclusion lists can promote brand suitability, but they may also limit the scale needed for a campaign. And with world events, content and public opinion of creators constantly in flux, suitability is hard to maintain. 

Our expanded partnership with Pixability

Due to these complexities of YouTube, we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that every brand should follow. Every marketer needs to weigh reach, branding and performance goals against brand suitability considerations to develop a custom strategy that works for the brand. 

That’s why MiQ’s on a mission to solve marketer challenges with YouTube, and this is supported through our newly expanded partnership with Pixability. As the only company certified by Google for brand suitability, contextual targeting and content insights, Pixability sources data from YouTube to determine the best channels for a campaign to target. 

MiQ uses Pixability’s proprietary brand suitability solution, bolstered by our own industry-leading data science and trading capabilities, to ensure brand-safe and relevant advertising on YouTube. They also categorise all this content based on GARM’s Brand Suitability Framework and the IAB content taxonomy to give partners like us granular control over brand-suitable ad placement for each campaign.

New capabilities for marketers 

This expanded partnership unlocks a range of new capabilities for YouTube campaigns activated through MiQ, such as comprehensive omni-channel pre-campaign planning, competitive intelligence, and unparalleled brand suitability – setting a new standard unmatched by any other YouTube or CTV partner in the industry.

With YouTube viewership continuing to increase especially on the big screen, now is the perfect time to start thinking about optimisation. And when it comes to YouTube, there’s always a lot to optimise. Marketers need scale, performance, brand suitability and insights – that’s where MiQ’s core capabilities come in to supercharge your YouTube advertising.    

By Wassim Mneimne, Managing Director, MiQ MENAT

To learn more about the YouTube solution, reach out to the team at [email protected]