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TikTok unveils beauty playbook for brands

TikTok has released a new guide for beauty brands to improve their presence on the app. It gives tips on creating a unique brand voice, making engaging videos, and planning their TikTok strategy better.

The guide explores popular beauty trends on the social media platform and how users engage with beauty content. It then delves into ways to create a unique brand voice and what content connects best with viewers.

According to TikTok, “52 per cent of users that come across SMB content on TikTok have gone on to make a purchase. Some of the popular vertical hashtags include #fragrance, #acrylicnails, #tiktokbeauty, #buzzcut, #lipcombo, #viralproducts, #tiktokmademebuyit.

Some of TikTok’s top tips on how to make effective content and plan campaigns include:

Reviews and recommendations

From #getreadywithme to #makeupreviews, authentic reviews play a vital role in helping TikTok users discover new TikTokproducts, with 32 per cent finding brands through reviews and 26 per cent exploring more about products from tutorials.

It’s key for beauty brands to showcase their unique qualities to connect with diverse audiences and engage with users through comments, questions, and interacting with other videos.

Users and brands can use the platforms creative centre, keyword insight tool and review top ads or organic videos to gain inspiration and understand what resonates in the beauty community.

Authentic and entertaining messaging

Engaging ads on TikTok play a key role in guiding users through the marketing funnel. Highly entertaining ads receive significantly higher ratings across various metrics: 25 per cent higher for brand love, 15 per cent higher for purchase intent and 17 per cent higher for likelihood to recommend.

To create valuable content users and brands can explore TikTok’s creative ideation blog or work with creative production experts using the TikTok Creative Exchange (TTCX), a video production solution on the platform.

Brandformance approach

Advertisers that adopt a brandformance approach on the platform, mixing brand and performance objectives into single campaigns, see improved campaign performance compared to isolated single-objective campaigns.

New products launches on TikTok has proved to be highly successful, outperforming established product campaigns. Using two or more branding products, particularly premium ones like TopView and Top Feed, boosts results even more, according to advertisers

You can download the full guide here.