Ryan Reynolds tells Campaign: “I loved the attention to detail”

The Hollywood star talks to Campaign Middle East about his time at Yas Island

Last month, Yas Island Abu Dhabi unveiled film star Ryan Reynolds as its newest Chief Island Officer (CIO). He follows in the footsteps of former CIOs Kevin Hart and Jason Momoa who were brand ambassadors.

Campaign Middle East editor Justin Harper got the chance to ask Reynolds about his experience at Yas Island, the region’s leading leisure and entertainment destination.

“I loved the attention to detail. Everywhere you look, it seems Yas Island is made with care, relaxation, and adventure in mind. The island is built to help you unplug, with amusement parks, golfing, and a ton of attractions.

“The coaster at Ferrari World was something I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I wasn’t expecting it to move that fast. Overall, the world they’ve built is so immersive and the rides will leave you absolutely breathless. Incredible.”

Why Ryan Reynolds?

Badr Bourji, SVP- Marketing, Miral Destinations, explained the thinking behid choosing the Hollywood funnyman.

“His remarkable ability to connect with diverse audiences worldwide makes him a perfect fit for promoting Yas Island on a global scale. Reynolds is highly selective about his brand associations, choosing only to endorse brands in which he has ownership or shares, such as Aviation Gin, Mint Mobile, and Wrexham A.F.C.

“We aimed to capitalise on this exclusivity to elevate Yas Island’s brand value. The fact that Ryan decided to partner with us demonstrates the significant growth and enhanced reputation of our brand over the past 4-5 years.”

The Yas Island marketing team have done a great job with the role of Chief Island Officer, as it has evolved into a powerful campaign platform that audiences eagerly anticipate year on year.

“It has brought us both global fame and recognition. In fact, it is now regarded as a best-in-class case study across the industry and is being presented as such at universities today. We bet on consistency, and it worked wonders for us.”

Will Ryan do things differently?

Reynolds brings his unique personality and style to the role of Chief Island Officer. Although the attractions and experiences remain the same, each CIO has added their personal flair to our offerings.

From Kevin Hart to Jason Momoa and now Ryan, each has infused their distinct character into the role, leaving a memorable mark on audiences and viewers.

“If you ask ten random people today who they think was the best CIO, you’ll get a mixed response, reflecting the strength of the platform and its ability to connect and resonate with the masses in different ways,” added Bourji.