Spinneys Abu Dhabi: Loyalty, retail experiences and community at the forefront

Spinneys Abu Dhabi positions itself as a community-focused retailer through events, sponsorships, and more

Spinneys Abu Dhabi, a leader in the retail industry continues to build its brand identity amidst a competitive market landscape.

Campaign Middle East reporter Sonia Majumder spoke to Sacha Tanner, General Manager at Spinneys Abu Dhabi about collaborations with Etihad Arena, its strategic approach towards enhancing its brand presence and customer experience, and more. 

The brand is not only reinforcing its market position but also innovating its offerings to stay relevant and captivating in the competitive retail sector.

What’s Spinneys UAE’s approach to brand positioning in campaigns? 

Spinneys Abu Dhabi celebrates marketing in the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with innovative approaches. We honour heritage while embracing modern trends.

Our campaigns highlight the artistry and innovation behind each product, ensuring Spinneys UAE stays ahead in offering unique experiences to our customers & consumers. We lead by the motto of the consumers are at the centre of our world.

Tell us about your influencer marketing and partnerships? 

Our initiatives in influencer marketing involve strategic collaboration with key Abu Dhabi influencers to amplify our brand’s visibility, engagement, and conversions among their dedicated followers, ultimately driving business growth and building brand equity.

We are very careful to understand our influencers audiences to ensure that we are reaching the right market and getting Return on our investments.

We also understand that every branch location has a different target audience, so we ensure to plan our influencer strategy to fit with these target audiences.

When it comes to events, our partnerships are strong and we work with some of the biggest brands in the city, helping to preserve our strong leadership values when it comes to supplying the best brands for each activation.

Sacha Tanner, General Manager, Spinneys Abu Dhabi

How does the brand foster customer loyalty and retention?

Spinneys Abu Dhabi fosters customer loyalty and retention through personalised marketing campaigns, engaging events like tastings and mixology classes, and loyalty programmes offering rewards for purchases.

They also maintain a strong presence on social media to interact with customers, share engaging content, and showcase user-generated content.

By consistently delivering quality products and innovative offerings, alongside strategic sponsorships and partnerships, Spinneys Abu Dhabi builds lasting relationships with its customers & consumers, driving loyalty and retention.

How do you differentiate from competitors? 

We focus on offering a wide range of high-quality products, including exclusive and premium selections, providing customers with unique options not available elsewhere.

Spinneys emphasises exceptional customer service, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience through knowledgeable staff and efficient operations. The brand invests in sustainability initiatives, promoting eco-friendly practices and products, which resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

It strategically positions itself as a community-focused retailer, engaging with local communities through events, sponsorships, and partnerships, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty.

Through these strategies, it sets itself apart in the market, attracting and retaining customers in a competitive landscape.

Can you share examples of successful marketing initiatives?

Spinneys Abu Dhabi recently executed impactful marketing campaigns, including partnerships with prestigious entities like Etihad Arena. 

Collaborations with Formula One Abu Dhabi, “Open Fire” by Steve Harvey, and Oktoberfest with Paulaner at Beach Rotana Hotel have enhanced customer engagement.

The launch of a selection of their beverages at Emirates Palace further demonstrates Spinneys’ strategic approach to product innovation. These initiatives heightened customer engagement and sales through prestigious associations, exciting events, and strategic product launches, solidifying Spinneys’ market position.

By Sacha Tanner, General Manager at Spinneys Abu Dhabi