ON.DXB issues call for content to regional film, game, video and music industry creatives

Event says it offers "opportunity for region’s independent talent to showcase original work to industry specialists, investors, peers and consumers on November 21-23

Jamal Al Sharif, CEO of Dubai Film and TV Commission

ON.DXB, the new regional festival that says it is designed to support industry growth and talent development in the media, entertainment and content development industries and the technologies driving them, has opened its doors for regional film, game, video and music creators to submit original work for a chance to be showcased at the inaugural festival, which will run from November 21-23 in Dubai.

An initiative of Dubai Media City in cooperation with the Dubai Film and TV Commission, ON.DXB is offering regional talent in film, game, video and music a unique opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience of industry specialists, investors, peers and consumers. The call is open for content in a broad range of forms and languages across a multitude of themes, topics and narratives, including feature documentary, short-form film and video, as well as video game trailers and demos, musical compositions and live performance footage.

To enter, content creators must submit a three-minute maximum sample of work at the ON.DXB website: www.ondxbfest.com. ON.DXB will review and assess all submissions, and the top 20 selected across all four categories will be invited to be part of the festival, giving them exposure among the industry and audiences.

Organisers say the work will be screened at one of three zones located at the festival (meaning it will be viewed by consumers, peers and industry professionals at the event), and the best from each category (film, game, video and music) will be selected beforehand to pitch to a panel of judges for the chance to win a prize which will ‘help accelerate your idea, career and creative work’.

Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director of Dubai Media City, said: “One of the aims of ON.DXB is to attract and empower the best local and regional talent. By offering our greatest creative minds a platform to show their work to industry decision-makers, specialists, leading international companies and investors, we are stimulating partnership-building and development while reaffirming Dubai’s position as a global and regional capital for major creative talent.

“Given the breadth and depth of talent in Dubai and across the wider region, we anticipate content in many forms, languages and covering an array of themes and topics. We look forward to providing a platform for the region’s best talent to showcase their work,” added Al Suwaidi.

Jamal Al Sharif, CEO of Dubai Film and TV Commission, added: “We want to offer budding talent the opportunity to showcase work. Using film as an example, filmmakers will have the opportunity to screen work to an audience of cinema production companies, international film and entertainment companies, industry professionals, media and consumers alike.”

“The event offers multiple touchpoints to support talent at every stage of their career. As well as a place to showcase original work, ON.DXB provides a platform for knowledge and experience exchange, and identifying best practice to supports the ongoing growth and development of the industry. ON.DXB will enable content and media professionals to remain at the forefront of trends and developments, while contributing to the future of these industries locally and regionally.” He added

ON.DXB will also offer tailored platforms for creators to upskill through a series of community workshops from in5, the enabling platform for entrepreneurs and startups launched by TECOM Group to foster innovation in the media, technology and design sectors.

The festival will feature live music, workshops, keynote talks, indie game showcases and moderated networking opportunities, with sessions led by industry experts and celebrities from all over the world. The event will host industry participants including filmmakers, music producers, videographers, animators and game developers, in addition to government agencies working to develop the emirate’s fast-growing creative industries.