Integrated communications and public relations firm Acorn Strategy announces Q1 2021 promotions, reaffirms digital readiness

Acorn Strategy announced a number of promotions across various seniority levels, including Dina Samhout promoted to general manager, Ghina Said account director and Rad Arekat senior social media manager.

Integrated marketing, public relations, and digital communications agency Acorn Strategy announced a number of promotions across various seniority levels at its UAE offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Having already been on the cards at the end of a remarkably successful 2020, the promotions indicate that the fast-growing agency is meeting and exceeding its Q1 2021 targets.

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The promotions see group account director and public relations maven Dina Samhout promoted to general manager – UAE, as she becomes more immediately involved in all decision-making processes pertaining to Acorn Strategy’s clients in the UAE and KSA, as well as steering business development efforts in sectors the agency, expects to rebound.

Acorn Strategy has notably expanded its portfolio by Q4 2020 to include clients in the hospitality, specialty eatery and education sectors. The agency’s founder and managing director, Kate Midttun, will on the other hand continue to oversee team expansion endeavours in Australia and KSA, as well as planning further development of key skill areas to meet the increasing demand for digitalisation in both the public and private sectors.

“Industries are moving toward digitalisation with unprecedented momentum, and while we’re already at an advanced level of digital-readiness in so far as marketing, public relations and strategy are concerned, we are interested in developing tailored solutions for many sectors that lack mature digital strategies and have therefore suffered major losses in the last 10 months,“ said Kate Midttun.

Echoing this, Dina Samhout expressed a lot of enthusiasm for projects Acorn Strategy is already working on. “Last year various sectors have had to make many ad-hoc decisions, some of which were rewarding, the others not so much.

We, therefore, maintain that a strategy-led approach is the best answer to immediate and long-term challenges, and this is what we have developed,” said Dina, adding: “Events, hospitality, and even entertainment have a lot to look forward to, and we’re making sure it’s ready, effective, manageable and relevant to their business models.”

The promotions announced include Ghina Said and Rad Arekat, two integrated and digital marketing heavyweights who were promoted to account director and senior social media manager, respectively.

With long experience in implementation, Ghina Said ensures the delivery of services is done according to best practice, strategy and the highest institutional standards. She starts her new mandate at a time when Acorn Strategy maintains and improves its market position, and is expected to play a pivotal role in the agency’s expanding integrated communications and digital portfolio.

On the social media and digital services front, Rad Arekat has become Acorn Strategy’s senior social media manager. The tech-savvy and gadget-curious social media expert has been responsible for a series of successful ‘pivots’ in 2020 that helped Acorn Strategy’s existing clients make the best of an uncertain situation and quickly adapt to a virtual status quo, winning the agency further mandates of clients that were interested in the resilience of hybrid, social media-fluent strategies.

For more information, visit www.acornstrategy.com