Campaign Online Briefing: E-commerce 2021 – Acquisition and Retention

  • When:17/03/2021 2:00 pm
  • Where:Online

What’s tougher? Winning new customers or persuading them to stick around? Acquisition and retention are closely linked challenges, and Campaign’s next Online Briefing addresses them both.  Consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about how their personal data is gathered and used, and more sceptical and wary about how they are profiled and targeted by marketers. So how do brands and agencies manage to reach the right people with the right message in the right place at the right time in a changing world?

And once you have won your new customers over, how do you build their loyalty and keep them coming back for more? Established marketers faced with rising acquisition costs and a down economy ask this as much as the new entrants to online retail who must use 2021 to consolidate the accelerated digital transformation Covid-19 drove them through. Our expert panel discusses the latest thinking on how to entice the right customers and how the keep them coming back for more.

Here’s the event’s video :

02:00 – 02:45pm – Panel 1: User experience

Picture this: you’re in the market for a new Thingummy®. Thingummy Inc’s marketing team have built up a beautiful integrated campaign that guides you through the sales funnel to thingummy.com, the brand’s e-commerce site, and then… disaster. You can’t find what you are looking for. Pages are missing. The site hangs. When you get a Thingummy into your shopping basket, it resets. You ask the automated chatbot to help and it persists in offering you a biography of John J. Thingummy Jr, the company’s founder. There’s no customer service phone number on the site, but you have to fill in six forms to discover that…

Poor customer experience can undermine all the hard work that the marketing department and the rest of your company puts in. Whether that’s online, person-to-person or after-sales, it can make or break customer loyalty.

Our panel examines customer and user experience from a variety of different angles, including through data and research, journey design, brand values and more.

Moderator: Sabiha Iqbal | Managing Director Accenture Interactive – Build Experience Lead, Accenture Interactive
Stefanie Cunningham | General Manager Ecommerce MENA, Omnicom Media Group, (Transact Ecommerce Agency)
Stephan Davies​ | General Manager  ‑  Customer Experience & Network Development, Al Masood Automobiles
Khalil Yassine ​| VP Customer Development Operations Arabia & Customer Development Capability MENA, Unilever


02:45 – 03:30pm – Panel 2 : Disruption and reinvention

E-commerce was taking off even before Covid-19 hit. And with the onset of the pandemic, it accelerated to light-speed. And one of the few constants in this boom brands’ online availability is change: the most successful e- commerce players have either reinvented themselves or reinvented their category.

Our second panel looks at how to disrupt to build, how to change the rules to either become a new company or invent a new category. We examine how the best brands have managed to change everything while remaining true to themselves.

Moderator: Gulrez Alam | Chief Investment and Strategy Officer,  ArabyAds
Peter Debenedictis | CMO, Microsoft Middle East and Africa
Stacy Fisher |  Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation, Publicis Media
Amash Malik | Director of Performance Marketing, Bayut/Dubizzle
Mithil Shah | Senior Marketing Manager – digital, Landmark Group