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Horizon FCB Dubai launches DHL’s new e-commerce platform

Horizon FCB Dubai launches platform for the DHL eSHOP App for the GCC markets.

Horizon FCB Dubai launched the DHL eSHOP App for the GCC markets with an online campaign that takes the idea of tapping your finger ‘to buy’ to a whole new level.

DHL eSHOP is a B2C e-commerce platform that allows shoppers to browse and shop for their favourite brands from America with the tap of a finger. It’s so fast and convenient it’s like you’re actually shopping in the USA.

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Horizon FCB Dubai took its insight of the finger tapping action and recreated an American shopping street diorama in perfect miniature form, and made an actual finger the ‘face’ of the DHL eSHOP experience. The campaign was launched with one main film and three personalized films showing different shopping situations.

Bringing together data, creativity and technology to form a new kind of equilibrium was essential to have the perfect launch for the new DHL eSHOP app.

“e-shopping is fun! And e-shopping with DHL offers an unprecedented world of choices. We had to bring to life this new experience in our communication through an innovative approach ensuring relevance, simplicity & engagement, topped with exceptional crafting.” Reham Mufleh, general manager of Horizon FCB Dubai & Fuelcontent.

In partnership with a director with extensive stop-motion experience, an actual architect, a civil engineer and a graphic designer all based in Toronto, the film was planned and managed remotely from Dubai with precision.

“This project required specific talent. We wanted to work with professional artists who do this on a daily basis. I wanted to give them the liberty to have fun with the execution, to enjoy the process & deliver a series of stand-out films.” Hicham Soubra, Head of Production at Fuelcontent.

When it came to the filming, it was essential to showcase every hand-made detail. To achieve this, for example, the team researched American streets to make the landscape as authentic as possible. Moreover, all the elements of the set were hand-made and to add an extra touch of realism, lampposts, drain covers & fire hydrants were all 3D printed.

Attention was paid to every detail, including the smoke coming from the grates, the animated billboards, the green screen skyline and we even designed graffiti through the alleyways allowing the viewer to enjoy the diversity, the action and the reality of the street.  The addition of 2D animation and personalized sound effects created an extra dimension, as they transformed the fingers into unique characters.

“Stop Motion has always been my passion. It’s an art form that requires patience, dedication and attention to detail.  The challenge I love is to create human behaviour & emotions out of a still object, or in our case ‘the fingers’.” Adib Mufty – Director.

The result was a beautifully crafted series of films that will capture the imagination of shoppers and encourage them to take action, download the app, tap & shop.