High impact and reach, by MMS’s Sharif Badreddine

MMS’s Sharif Badreddine explains why Ramadan is a time where good marketing can make a big difference.

Ramadan is the most exciting month for TV. It’s the one time of the year when millions of viewers across the MENA region tune in to watch their favourite stars return to the screen in premium, exclusive productions.

As exciting as it is for viewers, it is also a highly effective time for brands, who see it as an amplified period to benefit from high exposure, a captive viewership and engaged audiences. Year on year, MBC GROUP has steadily been the major part of the family experience in Ramadan.

Amplified Reach

Insights from Ramadan 2021 showed that in Saudi Arabia alone, MBC GROUP’s reach totalled 84.2% (15.4 million individuals) while MBC 1 reached 69.8% of the Saudi audience (12.8 million individuals).

MBC GROUP’s video-on-demand platform, Shahid, recorded 45 million plays and 25 million active users in Ramadan 2021.

The GROUP also records notable engagement on social media across its 622 accounts and more than 593 million followers during Ramadan.

Last year, the GROUP revealed that out of the top 20 programmes watched via satellite TV in Saudi Arabia, 15 were produced or broadcast by MBC GROUP.

If a brand wants to achieve high awareness during Ramadan, there is no better way to do so than by having a cross-platform presence. A 30-second ad during a primetime show such as the Saudi series Mamnou’ Al Tajawol has a 40% reach in KSA, so where TV delivers speed of reach, the brand’s presence on social media amplifies the conversation, and its integration within a show strengthens its connection with viewers.

Premium content

The unprecedented high engagement, reach and impact during Ramadan is attributed to one thing and one thing only: content.

We all know by now that, when it comes to content, the best is kept for Ramadan.

Most media companies, including MBC GROUP, ensure that there is something for everyone during this period by diversifying their content offerings to include drama, social, comedy, talk shows, entertainment and much more.

Brands are eager to be a part of high-performing genres like entertainment and drama series, which have high viewership during this period.

There has also been a notable shift or trend towards local productions. Viewers are eager to watch local talent that they can relate to in settings and environments that are familiar to them.

Therefore, we are seeing more Saudi-focused and GCC productions take centre stage lately.

In recent years, especially during the Covid-19 era, we have seen new players begin to advertise on TV, namely tech companies. Most of these companies win consumers by top-of-mind awareness so TV is ideal because it plays a huge role not only in the upper funnel but in the entire funnel.

MMS Innovative Solutions

At MBC Media Solutions (MMS), the commercial arm of MBC GROUP, we have diversified our offerings, especially our brand integration solutions to help brands best leverage the scale of MBC GROUP’s ecosystem.

Our suite of tailored and innovative solutions that range from TV, VOD, digital and audio solutions, to branded content and integration, to name a few, help brands forge consumer connections and drive business growth.

These unique solutions ultimately aim to effectively connect brands with their audiences in a seamless and innovative way.