Dubai Autodrome launches ‘No Traffic Here’ campaign

The ‘No Traffic Here’ campaign aims to cut congestion and boost safety on the road

Dubai Autodrome, a subsidiary of Union Properties, has launched a new campaign to enhance road safety and enable people to drive high speeds in a safe environment.

The ‘No Traffic Here’ campaign aims to cut congestion and boost safety on the road.

It will run until mid-December and is the latest major campaign of Dubai Autodrome, the company aims to raise its profile as a leading motorsport and entertainment venue in the Middle East region.

With Dubai’s Hessa Street being one of the busiest routes in the Emirate, it attracts significant traffic, leading to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announcing plans to revamp the street.

Given its location at Motor City, and being connected to Hessa Street, the ‘No Traffic Here’ campaign fits in line with RTA’s efforts to boost safety.

This also offers an opportunity for residents and visitors to get behind the wheel of a BMW or Ferrari and enjoy a driving experience or even drive their own vehicle at high speeds on the track.

Dubai Autodrome has adopted different platforms to enhance the visibility of its campaign through radio advertisements, strategically chosen lamp post ads on Hessa Street, its website, social media platforms and influencers.

Faisal Al Sahlawi, General Manager at Dubai Autodrome, said: “The UAE government is going to great lengths to promote and implement road safety across the country.

“The campaign fits in line with their efforts by providing an opportunity to allow residents and visitors to experience high-speeds in a safe environment at our motorsport track all-year round.”

Rohan Mehta, Marketing Manager at Dubai Autodrome, said: “Months of planning went into the ‘No Traffic Here’ campaign with the objective on how we can gain as much exposure as possible.

Our idea was to showcase the contrast between the mundane commute and the exciting prospect of driving on our track with no traffic or speed limits.

Given our close proximity to Hessa Street and its notorious traffic we decided to target this location for our lamp post advertisements.

“We have witnessed strong engagement in a short space of time across social media and our website traffic – all of which is helping make the campaign popular and enabling us to tell our story across Dubai and the UAE.”