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Top 10 YouTube videos (trending in the region, ranked by Google)


1 Channel: Anasala Family

Title: Anasala’s Official Labour and Delivery

Following the world’s biggest gender reveal on Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Anasala family finally welcomed their long-awaited son Noah, born on New Year’s Eve.

2 Channel: Assomi & Waleed

Title: Touching Feelings the Moment Papa Left the Hospital –Thank God

The Miqdad family celebrates the return of Khalid Miqdad – the Toyor Al Jannah channel founder – after nearly a month in the hospital.

Channel: Joe Hattab

Title: The Giants of Egypt

From Ash Sharqia, Egypt, Jordanian travel vlogger Joe Hattab uncovers the story of two of the world’s tallest people, Huda and Mohamad.

4 Channel: AboFlah

Title: On the Occasion of 12 Million – Jumps From a Plane

AboFlah celebrates reaching the 12 million subscriber mark by skydiving from a plane at 13,000 feet.

Channel: Kadosha

Title: Ramadan Reception

Join Kadosha on her new adventure, filled with fun and relatable situations, as she prepares for the Holy Month of Ramadan with her family.

Channel: Abdo Asalsily

Title: When your mother makes an Indomie Suhoor

Waking up for Suhoor can sometimes be challenging, but what if the Suhoor meal was Indomie noodles? That is the basis for Asalsily’s sketch.

Channel: Alkasir

Title: When You Go To The Market With Your Mother

Going to the market with your mother is not always as straightforward as you would think.

Channel: UTV

Title: Iraqi Series: Virus – Season 1, Episode 1

The first episode of the Iraqi youth-focused show Virus.

Channel: Arabic Mo Vlogs

Title: I Made the Biggest Pizza in the World With Chef Burak. I Challenged YouTubers to Eat It With Me Mo goes ‘supersize’ with the help of Chef Burak, making the biggest pizza in the world.

10 Channel: Ramez Galal

Title: Pro Ramez – Ramadan 2021 on MBC Egypt

Ramez returns for Ramadan and another prank show with celebrity guests.