The Gen-Z Arab strategist you never knew you needed – by Impact’s Lina Ibrahim

Lina Ibrahim, creative strategist, IMPACT BBDO.

By Lina Ibrahim, creative strategist, Impact BBDO

Today, many brands are looking into studying the consumer base of those born after 1995, otherwise called Generation Z. Why? Because this generation is the future of the world market. However, when looking at the Arab region, many brands are struggling to connect with this young and multifaceted segment.

So, let’s dig deep into the most effective way to approach the Arab Gen-Z. 

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Prioritise Authenticity

To connect with Arab Gen-Z, brands need to uphold and reflect three things: authenticity, integrity and transparency. Although brands in the region do not expect younger generations to care about such old-fashioned values, they do. However, it’s how you communicate these values that matter. Initially, claiming that you were an authentic brand was enough, but in today’s day and age proving it is the real deal. For example, a skincare brand upholding using organic products, cruelty-free processing and sustainable manufacturing processes, backed up by certifications from reliable authorities is in good light for Gen-Z. Also, who you choose to represent your brand is essential. Gen-Z Arabs believe in friends, family and real users more than the markets themselves. So, if you want to connect with them and get them to trust you, you need to partner with content creators that are real and say things as they are.

Be socially active and vocal

Gen-Z Arabs are very unforgiving towards ignorance. They are active and vocal about social issues and hold people in power, including brands, accountable. So, use your brand platform to speak up for the oppressed. In fact, research showed that 31 per cent of Gen-Z stopped buying from brands that do not align with their social cause and values. And 76 per cent of Gen-Z and millennials buy from brands that value diversity. So, if you think staying silent is the safe thing to do, think again. To Gen-Z, no stance is a stance too, which can deteriorate your brand’s image.

To wrap up, Gen-Z Arabs are active and hasty. They want to get a lot done in less time. Therefore, brands will have to adopt new strategies that effortlessly fuse brave and new concepts with the cultural values of the Middle East.