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Ooredoo presents a unique Ramadan message: The life of the internet

Ooredoo is a global telecommunications brand. Its brand stands for “Enjoy the internet”.

Throughout history, humans have given birth to inventions and creations with good intent. But their impact on peoples lives and in the world comes down to how people use them.

The same goes for the internet. From bad news being shared to online hate. From cyberbullying to online shaming. From fake news to trolling. The internet can be an unhappy place, because of how people use it.

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Now, Ramadan is a month, observed around the world, that encourages people to make things better, create more positivity around us, be generous and kinder to others, be more appreciative and look at our world positively.

Ooredoo is a global telecommunications brand. Its brand stands for “Enjoy the internet”.

In Ramadan 2021, starting this April, Ooredoo hasn’t launched yet another promotional Ramadan campaign, or a typical Ramadan music video, or a standard goodness campaign.

Instead, in aiming to inspire and connect with the younger generation, in particular, Ooredoo has shared its message using a format that no brands have attempted to use before during Ramadan.

An animated film has been launched across the Middle East, South East Asia and North Africa. It’s a story that’s based on the premise that the Internet is, literally, what we make it. It delves into how the internet is a reflection of society and how in many ways it’s like a child. Our child. One that we’ve moulded and shaped in our image – for better or for worse.

The film highlights, through subtexts, that the problem is, we don’t treat the Internet with the same care that we would treat a child with. We’re far more callous and far more negligent. And it then shows the result is an Internet with a lot more issues than it would have had with a loving upbringing… a loving village.

Ending on a hopeful note, respectful to Ramadan, the film shares that luckily, in “Internet years”, the Internet is still young. There’s time to save it. And what better time to start than Ramadan?

Beyond the film, across channels during Ramadan, Ooredoo is continuing to inspire the younger generation to give the Internet a better future, by making them realize that the Internet is our collective responsibility. And in doing so, it is reminding them that the power to make it better, was up to how we use the internet.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer at Ooredoo Group, said: “The Internet is an extraordinary invention, a powerful tool that, when used properly, undoubtedly empowers us in every way possible. As part of Ooredoo’s vision to enrich people’s digital lives, we continue to invest heavily in developing and improving our networks across our global footprint. But we also want to ensure that these digital lives are in fact enhanced by the Internet and not the opposite.”


Brand – Ooredoo

Agency – FP7 McCann Doha

Production House: Digital District Paris

Fabio Bellicanta: Senior Director – Brand & Media, Ooredoo Group

Mohamed Bourai: Consultant, Ooredoo Group

Christopher Sadana: Director – Media Agency Performance, Ooredoo Group

Lara-Lynn Schmallenberg: Senior Manager – Brand, Ooredoo Group

Huda Barakat: Consultant, Ooredoo Group

Gareth Paul: Executive Creative Director

David Schild: Creative Director

Tahaab Rais: Creative Strategy

Osama Elsayyad: Managing Director

Kyle Light: Designer

Mario Atallah: Agency Producer