Bring your social media stories to the open web with Project Agora’s versatile and shoppable new ad-experience

Project Agora introduces its ad-experience “Magic Story”, which aims to bring the familiar “Story” format from social media to the open web in a brand-safe environment.

Project Agora, a media technology company in EMEA, is now set to introduce its innovative and shoppable ad-experience “Magic Story”, which aims to bring the familiar “Story” format from social media to the open web in a brand-safe environment.

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The interactive ad experience provides a tagging feature for shoppable elements and tap-through CTAs across different visual assets including video and gifs, giving consumers a great user experience and driving deeper product engagement. Advertisers can seamlessly and simply repurpose their existing assets from their Social Stories to the Magic Story format with enticing full-screen visual narratives, engaging animations, and tappable interactions – all designed specifically for mobile advertising. Magic Story is distributed across Project Agora’s premium local publishers’ network and powered with its sharp targeting options to increase campaign affinity.

Tappable “Magic Stories” enhance the entire shopping experience by shortening the path to purchase for end consumers. A Study from OpenX reported that 63 per cent of consumers are more likely to purchase through advertisements on credible websites on the open web than on social media platforms -this presents a unique opportunity for advertisers and brands to market their products.

Mohammad Alkurdi, Project Agora’s sales director, says: “Brands and consumers alike have become big fans of the Story format – and with good reason, as it ticks all the boxes in terms of directness, creativity and interactivity. We know from our research that 70 per cent of consumers’ attention and trust go towards websites on the open web, in comparison to social media. Magic Story takes one of the most impactful ad-formats today and brings it at the centre of consumer attention, within the content of local publishers, this way boosting reach, engagement and conversions.” 

Magic Story is the latest addition to Project Agora’s suite of creative ad-experiences available in Central Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Get in touch for more information.