OOH: The Walking Dead of media touchpoints, by UM’s Ramy Mouganie

Step outside and billboards – digital and traditional – will be waiting for you, writes UM’s media director, Ramy Mouganie.

I see you scratching your head, wondering what’s with this article’s title. For those unfamiliar with the hit AMC TV show, there are characters in it that are dead… except they’re not, since they’re walking… so they are dead, but they’re not… you get the point.
Since Covid lockdowns pretty much felt like living in an episode of The Walking Dead, it wasn’t altogether surprising for us to feel like we were living in a new reality when it came to various communications channels. We listened to less radio, spent less time on travel and dining-out portals and forgot that our neighbourhood supermarket exists. Instead, we watched more TV (both linear and online), doubled up on soc

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