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OOH Industry Snapshot: W Group’s Habib Wehbi

Habib Wehbi, chairman and CEO, W Group

What effect is technology having on the business of OOH?

It’s outstanding how outdoor advertising has managed to surf the digital wave. Hypermedia and DigitAll, subsidiaries of W Group, work in tandem to transform out-of-home (OOH) advertising by using the latest innovations in data measurements, digital immersive experiences, and smart solutions. 

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Data measurement

In the era of digitalisation, infinite possibilities can be harnessed via data. When we’re channelling customer insights to marketers, such as consumer buying interests, history and much more, we’re enabling them to hone their campaigns for more specialised and personalised ads. With Streach, a planning and measurement platform for OOH media powered by Seventh Decimal, we’re providing our clients with full visibility on their marketing journey as they can accurately measure the exposure to their campaigns and understand the audience exposed, through metrics such as reach, frequency, impressions, sociodemographic, socio-economic, and geo-distribution. 

Smart triggers advertising

Leveraging the futuristic, the tech-advanced Smart Signage (SM)/Smart Triggers Advertising, we’re helping brands thrive and stand out in the competition. These cameras gather the data of passers-by and identify individual characteristics to help brands create targeted campaigns. We’re unlocking powerful capabilities into indoor spaces with this technology, and we’re making sure brands are meeting their desired goals most accurately and time and cost efficiently.

What distinguishes us is that we’re bringing a blend of measurable assets both indoor and outdoor with advanced tech tools; a long-awaited goal in the OOH industry that is now at the disposal of our clients. 

Deep screen

We’re also unveiling two advancements that have been revolutionising the face of digital advertising for quite some time now: 3D and augmented reality (AR). By using this new concept of immersive screens, we’re creating a bridge of interaction between brands and consumers through creative and engaging content and strategies, increasing consideration and anchoring a great experiential ecosystem. With the entrance of digital signages, automation and data technology managed by DigitAll, our first in-mall 3D immersive screen is ensuring highly targeted campaigns, standing out to a larger-than-life audience, with a redefinition of brands’ storytelling.  

With our powerhouses Hypermedia and DigitAll, we’re empowering brands to grow stronger through smart Digital out-of-home (DOOH) media experiences. We’re reimagining a new consumer journey while ensuring brands have a positive ROI-focused digital signage solution. By supplying other prime locations in the UAE, such as Metro Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, and many in-mall and in-store partners with these technologies, we’re taking brands’ digital efforts off the ground. Our endeavour in this investment reinforces our vision and outlines a trustworthy profile in the landscape of the leading tech media company in the OOH sector in the region.