Omnicom launches global ESG solution Momentum in MENA

OMG Momentum will help clients align their media investments with their ESG priorities

Image Credit: Omnicom MENA

Omnicom Media Group has announced the launch of its Environmental, Social and Governance solution Momentum for the MENA region.

The consultancy uses a suite of products such as the global ESG toolkit and systems to help clients align their media investments with their ESG priorities.

It shows the group’s full commitment to helping its clients develop campaigns that deliver more than just high brand and business results, but also on their development and societal values.

Brands ESG priorities are expanding as more consumers rank ESG considerations high in their consumption choices, especially in the MENA region.

A total of 31 per cent of Middle East shoppers, compared with 18 per cent globally, say they would always recommend a company or brand with a good environmental record.

Elda Choucair, CEO of Omnicom Media Group MENA, said: “OMG Momentum is an industry first – a comprehensive and effective suite of solutions allowing planners to deliver media strategies that support and advance clients’ sustainability and DE&I ambitions as well as their media and business KPIs. In other words, it allows our clients to be accountable to the planet, to society and to their shareholders, all at the same time.”

Momentum’s range of tools include the carbon calculator that quantifies the carbon generated by each omni channel planning scenario, helping identify and justify investment decisions that deliver lower carbon solutions without compromising on reach or revenue targets. 

The group has also partnered with ClimatePartner to get full access to its global carbon calculator, which enables its teams to estimate the emissions of their media plans by channel.

“As Dubai prepares to stage the COP28 meeting, now is the perfect time for the region’s advertisers to take the necessary steps to embrace their shared responsibility and adopt best practice to decarbonise their media plans.” adds, Choucair.