Stream Shreek partners with Emirati streamer

Gaming marketplace platform Stream Shreek has partnered with Emirati-streamer Mohammed Yaseen.  

 Also known as GuildMM, Mohammed Yaseen is a popular Twitch-partnered streamer, who joins Stream Shreek as its “honourary business partner”. 

Yaseem began streaming in 2020, during the pandemic. He has played various titles but is best known to play the Guild Wars franchise. 

The partnership further strengthens the platform’s motto, “By the streamers, For the streamers’ motto”, through Yaseen’s involvement. 

“Through this partnership, we aim to provide unique opportunities and exceptional experiences for the gaming community,” said Aasim Shaik, Co-founder for Stream Shreek. 

Nindi Priya Dev Sharma – Head of Growth at Stream Shreek, adds that since Stream Shreek is a platform created by gamers,  it aims to position itself as a “unique marketplace” for  brands and companies who want to be linked with gaming. It also aims to represent Arabic-speaking gamers. 

“The game streamers community in the MENA are unlike any other with distinct interests and preferences,” adds Sharma.

The platform says that it will also ensure that brands will be seen as a “supporter” and is accepted by the gaming community through the streamers.

Growing gaming sector in the region 

According to Dubai Multi Commodities Centre’s Future of Trade 2023 report, MENA region’s gaming revenue is set to reach $6bn by 2027.

Falling in line with the rapid expansion of gaming in the region, many brands have begun actively involving themselves with the gaming community.

Brands including the likes of Nivea, Stc, Pizza Hut and KFC have all carried out various gaming campaigns in the region.

Not only brands, but even countries are taking an interest in the sector.

Last year, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, Public Investment Fund (PIF) launched the gaming and e-sports company Savvy Gaming Group (SGG).

The initiative is also part of the Saudi Arabian government’s strategy to make the kingdom a global hub for the games and esports sector by 2030.