Aramex’s ‘The Undelivered’ achieves global success

The campaign gained over 20 millions impressions worldwide.

Launched during the Holy Month of Ramadan, ‘The Undelivered’ campaign by Aramex packaged creativity with empathy to attain worldwide success.

Aramex used the campaign to emphasise its corporate responsibility strategy to generate a global call for peace in Gaza. This aligns with the company’s commitment to ‘Delivering Good’.

Aramex witnessed participation on the campaign’s dedicated website from across 43 countries. The video campaign garnered over 14 million views, and counting, across YouTube, Instagram Facebook, X and LinkedIn. The video was also shared by top influencers on Instagram, reaching over 10 million users.

All elements of the campaign, such as the website and various media reports, have had over 20 million impressions.

“We are truly inspired by the overwhelming response to ‘The Undelivered’ campaign, aimed at uniting people from all over the world who wish for peace with a unified message that resonates across Gaza and beyond,” said Mike Rich, the Chief Marketing Officer at Aramex.

The short film supporting the campaign was directed by Aramex’s Global Creative Director Shahir Sirry, who said, “It was imperative for me to take the audience through the journey of a parcel, illustrating how it abruptly halts once the destination is identified.”

Sirry wanted to depict the saddening reality of Aramex not being able to deliver to families in Gaza during the Holy Month, a time where connectedness comes to the forefront of familial values. “Our objective was to frame this campaign around the universal desire for peace, and it’s evident that this message has struck a chord with millions of viewers worldwide,” he said.