Private View by Edelman’s Yasmina Boustani

Yasmina Boustani, Creative Director, Edelman

Campaign Middle East features a Private View section with a range of insights and viewpoints from industry experts, revealing the intricate world of marketing and advertising campaigns. 

McDonald’s, After-Dinner Dinner, Agency: FP7 McCann Dubai, Chief Creative Officer: Federico Fanti

The campaign is highly relatable and insightful, showing bravery amid regional challenges. While well-conceived, it could be amplified further to achieve greater reach and impact. It left me wondering about the extent of its implementation.

Anchor, Good Milk, Agency: Brand New Galaxy

It cleverly re-defines “good milk” at a perfect time amidst confusion about alternatives. It offers a fresh perspective in milk advertising, although it’s not groundbreaking in the broader context of communications.

SPHF, ClimateChangeTown.pk, Agency: Impact BBDO

A stroke of genius. Bold, smart, and innovative, it stands out for blending creativity with social impact. This campaign not only captures attention but also generates significant PR buzz. The novelty of a town changing its name for charity irresistibly attracts media outlets, ensuring widespread coverage and amplifying the message far beyond traditional advertising channels.

Close Up, Get Closer to Love, Agency: ‿ and us, Creative Director: Saymon Medeiros

The campaign taps into contemporary dating culture, providing a witty take on the romantic narrative we’ve grown accustomed to. Its simple execution enhances its charm and relatability.

Riyadh Season,Knockout Chaos, Agency: BigTime Creative Shop, Art Director: Gustavo Bilesimo

This stunning production brought together the worlds of boxing, gaming, and action movies, significantly raising the bar for the region. Although I’m not a boxing fan, I found it very entertaining and wished it wouldn’t end.