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Importance of perfecting the customer experience

Customer satisfaction demands more than just automated processes and box-ticking exercises, writes Ola El Sisi, CCO, Viola Communications

In a competitive business landscape, companies have to constantly work on how to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. With the mushrooming of social media and digitalisation, marcomms has become the most crucial tool for organisations to communicate brand messages and reach their target audience.

Amidst all the noise and clutter of this exponential evolution, and despite the fact that keeping the customer satisfied has been a significant component of the industry since day one, the customer experience is now emerging as the key differentiator and vital element of successful marketing and communication strategies, guiding the overall perception a customer has of a brand or company based on their interactions and engagements throughout the customer journey… and that of the customer’s customer.

Every customer experience is different, and of course, it should be, because every customer is different, and objectivity will vary throughout all the contact points in a relationship. To develop a meaningful and productive experience for customers, it’s vital to understand that positive customer experiences are built on trust and loyalty, and across the universe of Viola’s integrated business units, our teams work hard to fully develop that understanding, adding a personal touch to a professional relationship.

Which is why a 360° agency like Viola Communications has a distinct advantage, having matured over 20 years in Abu Dhabi, cultivating personal, professional and authentic customer-centric relationships across the entire supply-chain of our industry and creating a sustainable business model for the long-term which can be leveraged on behalf of our clients.

By directing Viola’s integrated workflow to focus on enhancing seamless customer experiences, we are implicitly encouraging every client to concentrate on their own strategies, helping them understand their customers’ needs, preferences, and challenges, tailoring their marcomms campaigns accordingly and ensuring that our customers, and by extension, their end users, feel understood, listened to, and valued… in other words, empowering customer performance.

It is this full-service integration that enables Viola to provide genuinely effective marketing solutions, creative campaigns and compelling messaging, but is that enough? Customer satisfaction demands more than just automated processes and box-ticking exercises, it requires a degree of emotional intelligence, it deserves a personal rapport that enhances the overall experience by instinctively scaling up perception, empathy and nuance to have those expectations met or exceeded, cementing the bonds of mutual trust and loyalty.

In a world where customers have more choices than ever, delivering consistently exceptional customer experiences has become the crucial factor in achieving measurable marketing success.

by Ola El Sisi, CCO, Viola Communications