How brands can utilise HUAWEI Ads to design creative yet seamless campaigns

Mobile phones continue to be the preferred device of choice in the MENA region, accounting for 60.5% of web traffic across all devices. In the UAE, 32.8% of users discovered new products via ads on social media and websites. Too often, we see advertisements that are one-dimensional; they are too common in today’s world. Therefore, it’s essential that brands stand out to generate higher returns and quality ads.

HUAWEI Ads is a cutting-edge mobile marketing platform that optimises advertisements to reach over 700 million Huawei device users worldwide. These customised solutions can bring 500 million daily impressions to your promotions.

HUAWEI Ads offers interactive ad channels based on the attributes and segmentation of the target audience, from which marketers can take the path of unlimited impressions, clicks, and engagements. Some of the channels available include AppGallery, Programmatic Display, and Search Network, each with sub-categories that can help define success.

As an advertiser, you need a smart objective before taking any step further towards a promotion. Here’s a run-through for each intended goal you can have.

Customer Awareness

  • To enlighten your target audience with a newly launched business, you need to begin with an awareness campaign via application marketplace ads. You can choose AppGallery Ad units’ format to streamline your thoughts into a promising action and enhance the brand voice by appearing on the highlighted page.
  • The ranking for categories is done via bidding on relatable keywords or optimising for keyword search. Here your bidding depends on the CPD (Cost Per Download) model.
  • The second option for businesses opting for real-time targeting is the Display Network that consists of HMS and third-party app traffic. You can select the in-app display solution, a new attribution that maximises content monetisation.
  • Awareness can take many forms, and this third feature may be a good fit for your company. HUAWEI Ad’s Petal Search Shopping Ads function urges you to excel at your promotions by displaying your products to potential consumers.
  • Finally, brands can use HUAWEI Video to benefit from the newly introduced Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) model that enhances the completion rate. Businesses can place video advertisements and only pay for them once users fully watch them.

Customer Acquisition

  • HUAWEI Ads campaigns can benefit your display-based businesses if you choose one of these AppGallery formats as your optimal target: featured pages, category ranking, or keyword research.
  • A few apps or businesses are specialised and work well with Programmatic Display channels, which is a benefit of a display network that provides traffic at scale. If yours is one of them, use Splash, Native, Banner, or App Icon units to achieve the desired reach.

Brand Activation

  • The objectives of a well-established business grow in lockstep with the company’s growth. HUAWEI has streamlined dynamic templates for your brand to delight customers with enhanced targeting. Place your ads under the Recommended apps section with a far-fetched mindset and the intent to persuade users to take favourable actions.
  • Here the Call-to-action (CTA) is the most powerful tool to sky-rocket the app activation. So before finalising a reflective tag, brainstorm the farthest your creatives can go.
  • Brands can use Venus, the Landing Page tool, to create landing pages for app download and web page promotion to facilitate conversions. Moreover, you can use forms on your landing page to learn about users.

Customer Retention

  • Getting customers is the first step; providing consistent delight is the final step. By remarketing through display network ads, HUAWEI Ads can help you achieve these objectives and increase your business revenue.
  • Brands can retain customers using the Data Management Platform (DMP). Through this feature, marketers can customise ads to reach their intended audience segment.

Analysing Ad Performance

  • Determining how the Ads are performing and developing the next action plan based on the data available can be extremely important in staying ahead of the curve and creating campaigns that produce the desired results.
  • HUAWEI Ads supports the world’s leading third-party attribution tracking systems, including AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, and Sizmek.
  • HUAWEI Ads can assist you in tracking the performance of your ads by allowing the user to view and download ad delivery data by account, campaign, task, creative, country or region.
  • Using HUAWEI Ads, you can experiment using new formats such as the Automated App Ad, which supports brands to achieve higher installs at a lower cost per install.
  • Local teams at HUAWEI Ads provide dedicated support and customised solutions to brands looking to launch their campaigns using the platform.

With an optimised budget, a clear objective, the right tactics, and absolute campaign combinations, you can rule the digital advertising industry with HUAWEI Ads.

Register. Grow. Track and celebrate with HUAWEI Ads.

To learn more about how HUAWEI Ads can support you reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also visit our website here:  https://ads.huawei.com