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Grant the Gift of Music

By Ramy Al-Kadhi, Partner Sales Manager, Anghami.

Music is a pillar for many brands in the region, and rightly so – it speaks to a passion point. A question a brand may ask, is how to associate with music? Yes, you can advertise against popular music. Yes, you can create music. However, what about gifting music?

Gifts are a quick way of making people feel better. Global Web Index Data in 2020 shows that 63% of anghami listeners have an affinity to brands who offer rewards. So how, with anghami, can you offer gifts to your users? Simple – give them the ultimate anghami experience for free.

anghami is free to use, with ads. However, the most premium experience comes without interruptions, with the highest sound quality and the most customisation possible. At anghami, brands can purchase ‘codes’ which allow users to subscribe for free with specific plans (1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 1 year).

At anghami, we’ve noticed more brands delving into rewards since COVID became the new reality. Perhaps due to a more price-conscious consumer or even the empathetic intention to make people feel better. Whatever it is, it’s never the wrong time to gift. It could be in-store, where every purchase of a product leads to a rewards redemption. Or, a specific offer that includes 3rd party rewards. Another approach could be to introduce a loyalty program.

Sometimes, giving your brand followers something to dance to is all they need.