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Google-certified creative partner Ad-Lib launches first API integration to DV360

Partner content: Technology can produce creative variations with a fraction of the traditional legwork.

By Janira Hernandez, head of client services MEA, Ad-Lib Digital

Did you know that creative accounts for 70 per cent of campaign performance? More surprisingly, studies show that 97 per cent of all targeting strategies have no targeted creative in place. Ad-Lib, an AI-assisted creative technology platform, started by an ex-Googler, has set out to help make advertising more useful to consumers, and the first task on the list was becoming a Google-certified creative partner in the region.

Why is this important to brands? Being Google-certified enables Ad-Lib to support brands across the full Google stack using integrations with Studio, Campaign Manager, Google Ads, YouTube, and the latest integration of Display & Video 360 (DV360). In layman’s terms, it allows their tech to support brands, personalise and optimise digital content by cutting out a fraction of the painful workload – reducing time and cost for advertisers.

It also means they have additional layers of data to amalgamate and help brands drive better creative decisions.

Through this partnership, Ad-Lib proudly pioneers the first application programming interface (API) integration to DV360, allowing them to directly pull in line-item IDs and facilitating the process between connecting creative to targeting strategies put in place by the media agency.

Ad-Lib, who are also certified partners across the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore and Spain, are no strangers to the Google team, housing several ex-Google employees such as founder Oli Marlow-Thomas and CEO Adit Abhyankar, as well as executive creative director Patrick Collister.

“Data-driven creatives support better campaign performance and provide useful insights on creative success metrics. Google has been working with partners to demonstrate the value of data-driven creatives and facilitate execution. As a certified Google partner, Ad-Lib has collaborated closely with Google on elevating client creative performance and simplifying data integration through DV360 API integration,” says Mirian Itani, head of strategic partnerships at Google.

Ad-Lib have been a dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) partner on numerous projects across global brands in multiple sectors from FMCG, automotive, travel/tourism, e-comm, hospitality and many more.

Oli Marlow Thomas, Ad-Lib founder and president – who worked at Google as the creative lead at DoubleClick for five years before breaking away to create and build the company – has been pushing creative into the technology process for years, to run against line items and targeting strategies.

“It used to be those targeting strategies were assembled manually, but now we can pull the strategies from a demand-side platform and assemble them to run against the creative media strategies,” he says.

While Ad-Lib continues to grow globally and regionally, its ever-evolving technology will also follow suit. Being a service provider in the ad-tech space means constantly expanding and learning, but more importantly applying this knowledge to your technology.

Through the Google and Ad-Lib partnership, together they are helping brands deliver successful campaigns and bridging the gap between media, creative and data silos.

To find out more about Ad-Lib reach out to [email protected], or visit the website at www.ad-lib.io for more details.