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Liwa Content.Drive furthers Injazat’s digital transformation agenda

How Liwa Content.Driven is helping the IT major push the envelope.

Acknowledged market leader Injazat is the first name in digital transformation, cloud and cybersecurity. The company, based in Abu Dhabi, is quietly driving the transformation of the entire country. With the pandemic underscoring the importance of digital technology, Injazat has geared up to help organizations meet the challenges of rapid digital transformation.

Video content development agency Liwa has created a series of videos that capture the repurposed spirit at Injazat. In their flagship video, titled Injazat 4.0 – Empowering the World, the company sets forth their transformation agenda for organizations and the country as a whole. Shot extensively at their headquarters at Mohammed Bin Zayed City, the video starts off with the CEO speaking on camera with the complete C-Suite reiterating their commitment to digital transformation as the need of the hour.

Agile, in IT, is the method of development on the go. Injazat has pioneered Agile methodology in the region, through their dedicated ‘Agile Factory’. This enables both clients and the company to be on the same page in terms of software development – responding to changes and reworking with agility. Liwa covered the Agile Factory with a bespoke video, highlighting the processes in a fast-paced, engaging manner.

A third video focused on cybersecurity, and Injazat’s specialist offering: Cyber Fusion Center. Dubbed the most advanced in the whole region, CFC promises unmatched security for the IT assets of an organization. Liwa created a video that delivers the message with tongue-firmly-in-the-cheek humour – using a combination of shoot and stock footage.

The company’s objective is to empower individuals and businesses with the necessary solutions to help them perform at their peak. The UAE National Day was yet another opportunity to voice its support for the country. Liwa’s approach was to extend the ‘empowerment’ theme, as expressed by individuals with a focus on the different sectors the company is involved in.

Here’s one company that’s as savvy in communication as in their core business. Injazat understands the power of videos to convey their key messaging, addressing both internal and external audiences. In Liwa Content.Driven, Injazat has found an ideal partner that’s a specialist video marketing agency in Dubai.

Creative Credits

Client: Injazat Data Systems
Executive Producer: Sagar Rege
Executive Creative Director: Vijay Kumar
Strategy & Planning: Rohit Arora
Producer: Sammy E. Hassan
Film Director: Arun Shekar
Art Direction: Abhijeet Choubal & Hahnemnne John
Animation & GFX: Arsalan Ahmed & Shoaib Ischtiyak & Nikhil Soman
Editor: Chadi
Production House: Mile Studios