From offline to online: discover your favorite communities

By Daniel Chelala, Creative Solutions Lead at Anghami

Social communities and events have grown rapidly in the UAE in recent years. From Alserkal Avenue, a renowned cultural district, to the Louvre Abu Dhabi, many bustling communities that needed to adapt to the pandemic. To support these communities during times of lockdown, we asked ourselves – how can we bring these businesses online?

Introducing Anghami brand pages
Anghami’s pages help brands come to life through music. These pages are filled with playlists, songs, videos, links, and much more to give the full sonic experience. Taking elements from each entity, our curators help to create playlists that match the brand personality.  Certain brands even create their own music, which can be promoted under their brand page.

We’d like to introduce some of our most recent, and popular brand pages.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Visual art turns to sound with the Louvre Abu Dhabi on Anghami. The world-famous museum gave their fans and our users the opportunity to experience art across specific eras through music. Our content team has carefully crafted a playlist for each era that is represented in the Louvre Abu Dhabi, from Eternal Classics to Taking a Journey Through Civilizations. Each era is defined by a musical experience. Anghami has also been given the rights to art pieces exclusive to the Louvre Abu Dhabi that is used as the playlist covers to tie in the whole experience. Taking a stroll through the Louvre Abu Dhabi has never been so easy… and musical. Tap here to take a look for yourself.

Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue is a renowned cultural district of contemporary art galleries, non-profit organisations, and homegrown businesses in the Al Quoz industrial area in Dubai. To keep this area lively during these times, Alserkal partnered up with Anghami to create a page hosting a playlist for each of these start-ups depending on the theme they wish to portray. The page is also home to “The Folio” podcast by Alserkal, speaking on topics about arts and culture and the growth and development of the region’s contemporary art scene. Tap here to visit Alserkal on Anghami and get a better feel.

Dubai Lynx

The Dubai Lynx is an annual event that brings together the top creatives, brands, and marketers to learn, network, and celebrate creativity. Their page on Anghami hosts playlists by each of these marketers, letting their creative juices fly through carefully picked songs by each. Not only does the page host playlists, but they have also recently launched a Dubai lynx podcast called “The Lynx Live Series” which ranges on creative topics like the first episode, “The Power of Music in Advertising” and expect to have further powerful discussions that touch on many points in the marketing/ creative industry. Welcome to The Dubai Lynx on Anghami.

With all that is happening around the world, it is safe to say that we have each been affected and change is imminent. Why not adapt to that change and keep the hustle and bustle of these communities alive in the best way we know-how… through sound.

Bring the sounds of your brand to life, with musical curation, on Anghami.