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Emirates NBD brings alive fun quotient of Shake N’Save app

Watch the music video create by Liwa Dubai here. 

Emirates NBD launched a mobile app Shake N’Save in January this year, to encourage savings among the young. It is billed as a ‘fun and casual way to save money’.

Promoting the app on online platforms is a music video, created by Liwa Dubai. It went live in September 2014.

The video dramatises the proposition of ‘shake and save’ with a song and dance featuring a motley group of people. It commences in a college classroom, the subject taught being ‘How to save’. A young woman who looks to enter late picks up her mobile and demonstrates the app to her mates. One of them joins her in a ‘Shake N’Save’ dance routine, and the rest follow – professor included. People in a variety of settings feature in the video, happily dancing their way to savings.


Project Branded video content for Emirates NBD Shake N’ Save

Client Emirates NBD

Creative agency Liwa, Dubai

Creative director/copywriter Vijay Kumar

Director (film) Sagar Rege

DOP Tapan Basu

Account Management Rahul Kantharia, Sharon Thomas

Group head art  Navkriti  Shrikhande

Producer  Mohamad Al Nasani

Exposure YouTube, Social Media

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  • Emirates NBD / Liwa Advertising: I would appreciate your feedback on the work which you have produced, baring in mind that I am an ‪#‎EmiratesNBD‬ customer and haven’t been informed via the bank’s official channels about the “Shake and Save” ‪#‎app‬.
    1- How does this minute and a half ‪#‎video‬ deliver on explaining what the app is about?
    2- When did you ever see an ‪#‎Emirati‬ male or female (in their official outfit) dancing on the street anywhere in the ‪#‎UAE‬?
    3- Where is the app available for download on? Apple Store? Google Play? etc
    4- Sorry to inform you but the app isn’t available anywhere on your website (or at least I couldn’t find it) for someone to get more info about it.
    This is NOT branded content in any way! This is a total waste of money on a video which won’t get you the intended results, which I assume is, downloading the app versus dancing on the streets singing “Shake shake shake”!

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